Internal case competition winners see healthcare app idea made live

Issued: Mon, 04 Jun 2018 13:36:00 BST

Business Case Comp Winners 2018

Carpe Noctem, the winners of this year’s Adam Smith Business School Internal Case Competition have created a real-life ‘game changing’ idea for Motovate, the company who provided the live business case.

And the idea, a new feature for a healthcare app, is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

The business case task from Motovate, a Scottish based company with a development centre in Serbia, asked teams to determine how Motovate could best develop new territories for its Healthcare jobs app which links health professionals and healthcare providers in terms of employment.

The undergraduate students presented an idea based on their research of first responder and healthcare preparation during the Boston terrorist attack. It was recognised that there was not a robust mechanism in place to direct health professionals to the right location to provide the right casualty care. The team identified that the Healthcarejobsapp platform, with its unique selling point of location and availability, could be extended to help deliver improvements in command and control of a major incident.  

Motovate is promoting the new app feature with the help of the Scottish Government.

Working to find a solution to a real life case gives Business School students the opportunity to see their recommendations developed and put into action, and enhances their employability skills.

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