MBA students excel at intensive consultancy project

MBA students excel at intensive consultancy project

Issued: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 09:07:00 BST

Students with trophy for Raymond Miquel Enterprise Award

MBA students were recognised as outstanding at this year’s Professor Raymond Miquel Enterprise Initiative.

In the week-long consultancy challenge, MBA students worked in groups acting as consultants for local and international companies to develop recommendations for project briefs set by the ‘client’ companies.

Students were divided into eight teams to respond to their client’s brief and combine insights and theories developed on the MBA programme with real life experience. They worked together to analyse the client’s questions and data, and develop recommendations and implementation plans.

This year’s projects were completed to an extremely high level and for the first time produced four grade A papers. To reflect this excellent performance those non-prize winning teams received letters of commendation.

A special lunch to mark the end of the MBA student’s consultancy challenge and present winning teams with a trophy took place 13 June 2017 at The Hilton Grosvenor, Glasgow.

This year’s winning team saw Nadeem Ahmed, Diana Gallego Marin (Team Captain), Laurent Missoffe, Chirag Nevatia and Yun (Karen) Yu pick up the Professor Raymond Miquel trophy for their project on Research and Innovation for Scottish Water.

The runner up team consisted of Simon Chan, Su (Suzy) Hong, Ulises Nieto Chong and Samantha Rückheim. They worked on a project for Fiona McKie, Head of Stakeholder Management, at Registers of Scotland. Fiona is also a former MBA student from 2011. Below, Fiona explains what impact the student’s work has had at Registers of Scotland:

“Registers of Scotland were delighted to be involved in this year’s Raymond Miquel Enterprise Initiative. The quality of the work delivered by the team was outstanding. What struck me most was the depth to which they, very quickly, were able to understand our organisation and use that to underpin their recommendations around change management during a significant period of digital transformation. This year we are celebrating a mammoth 400 years of the world’s oldest national land register, the General Register of Sasines, as well as looking forward to a future of innovation with massive changes to the way we work and deliver products and services to our customers. Some of the outputs from the project undertaken by the MBA student team will form part of my team’s thinking as we develop our roadmap of activities over the coming months. I also hope to be able to invite them in to our offices in Glasgow in the coming weeks to present their findings to me and our senior management team, adding even more value to their final project report and giving them a chance to talk to us directly about their work on this project.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the students on this project. Having graduated from University of Glasgow with my MBA in 2011 I knew roughly what to expect from a consultancy style project but what was delivered by the team was above and beyond those expectations!”

Professor Miquel is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Glasgow and has served on the Business School Advisory Board. In 2010 he sponsored the Raymond Miquel Teaching Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Management with three electives. In November 2013, in discussion with the University of Glasgow, he further invested in the Adam Smith Business School by way of sponsorship to establish The Professor Raymond Miquel Enterprise Initiative.