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ESSAM 2019 dates will be announced in September 2018

Each year an international consortium of outstanding business schools from around the world organise a summer school for advanced management (ESSAM). Every summer ESSAM attracts MBA students from all over the world for a two week intensive programme consisting of lectures, workshops, a consulting project and company visits. 

Date: 24 June - 6 July 2018
Location: The Crichton Campus, University of Glasgow, Dumfries, Scotland, DG1 4ZL     
Category: MBA Summer School

The truly international aspect of the Summer School is underlined by the diversity of the participants’ backgrounds, cultures and countries. In recent years, business life has undergone tremendous changes. However, no matter how extensive the changes have been, and still are, individuals remain one of the most essential cornerstones of organisations across the world. It is therefore very important that people with diverse cultural backgrounds are given the opportunity to meet and share their work experiences. ESSAM offers such an opportunity for MBA students to work together and explore the opportunities of the future in an international environment.

The ESSAM programme

ESSAM 2018 was centered around three major components:

  • Sustainable Futures in Uncertain Times
  • Electives
  • Team-based consulting projects

The teaching process is a mix of lectures, group work, presentations, discussions and individual study.  

ESSAM 2018 theme - 'Sustainable Futures in Uncertain Times' 

Uncertain times, for Europe and beyond, are indeed the only socio-economic constant. From Brexit to Trump, the Middle East to Eastern Europe, the markets to energy, and disruptive technologies to global warming, we all face uncertain and challenging times. ESSAM 2018 may not have all answers but it can unpack the issues; facilitate dialogue and debate; provide a space to evaluate responses; and look to developing the mind-set and skills to manage sustainable futures.

Team-based consultancy project 

A central feature of ESSAM is the team-based consultancy project. Participants are assigned to a project group where they are expected to suggest strategies for future development, give reasons for their choices, and propse an implementation plan. Participants then prepare a report and give an on-site presentation. During ESSAM 2018, participants worked together on a range of live projects for a number of organisations.

Groups capitalised on their differing expertise and skills to offer solutions to current business problems. Project teams worked closely with the sponsoring organisations and a member of the ESSAM team. Groups were formed in the first week, briefings distributed and visits to stakeholders arranged. More group working time was available, including time for the final presentations, in the second week. 


Participants choose an elective towards the end of the first week. Electives offered at ESSAM are all taught by internationally renowned professors. All electives require active participation, class discussion, case-study analysis and group work. To view the electives please follow the links Competitive Strategy Elective, Entrepreneurial Thinking for Innovation, Leadership, Management and Emotional Intelligence docFailing Forward: Leadership in Difficult Times


The 2018 fee for registered MBA students was £4,000, however students from the Consortium universities and business schools pay a reduced fee. The fee includes accommodation for one person, most meals, course materials and visits. Further information on fees is available on request.    

How to apply*
ESSAM 2018 has now ended. Please note that ESSAM 2019 dates will be relased in September 2018. 

*please note we only have limited places available.