First Adam Smith Gala

Published: 29 March 2018

The first Adam Smith Gala, organised by the Adam Smith Economic Society, to celebrate the life and work of Adam Smith, and mark the anniversary of the publication of the Wealth of Nations, was held in March

The gala was part of a weekend of student-led activity which included Glasgow Economic Forum events and showcased the student-led initiatives the School has invested in: Professional Skills Programme; Peer Support; the London banking Tour; Business Case Competition; TED-x; Glasgow Economic Forum; Enactus and Internationalisation.  

Guest speaker and alumnus, Dug Campbell, an expert in Financial Technology also spoke on the topic of ‘What would Adam Smith have thought about Bitcoin?’

Sir Anton Muscatelli, University Principal and Vice-Chancellor; Professor Anne Anderson, Vice-Principal and Head of College; Professor Ian MacNeil, Head of Law and Professor John Finch Head of Adam Smith Business School attended the event in the Kelvin Gallery, along with alumni, students and academics.

First published: 29 March 2018

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