Webinar: Does the global pandemic signal a paradigm shift in law and the economy? 12 June 2020

Professor John Tsoukalas
Leading expert on European crisis

Economic academics from Adam Smith Business School will join Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow, to share their expert knowledge in a webinar on 12 June.

Professor John Tsoukalas, Head of Economics, and Professor Charles Nolan, Bonar-MacFie Chair of Political Economy at The University of Glasgow, will join a panel to discuss the economic and legal aspects of the Covid-19 response in Europe and their implications for the future.

The event has been arranged by Corporate and Financial Law Research Group of the University of Glasgow and the School of Law of Edinburgh.

The global pandemic has prompted a series of unprecedented interventions by governments and regulatory agencies around the world. In the medium term Covid-19 might prove the watershed moment of this decade and beyond in a number of contexts. These include a re-orientation of economic and monetary policy, the future shape of financial markets, debt sustainability and preservation of financial stability, and the development of corporate governance norms to serve social growth and the green economy.

This full-day webinar will examine what these changes might bring. It will focus on the Covid-19 response in Europe. Eminent speakers and leading experts will consider the economic and legal aspects of the pandemic response, how these challenge today’s dominant paradigms in law and the economy, and their implications for the future.   

The webinar takes place on 12 June 2020 9.15 -18.15 GMT+1 (British Summer Time), and anyone interested should register in advance.

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First published: 5 June 2020