What better way to explore global business than to experience it first-hand? Access an unparalleled opportunity for international business perspective, develop new insights on your studies and give a boost to your CV by studying in another country at one of Adam Smith Business School’s partner institutions.

First year students can start planning their Study Abroad year right now. The deadline for applying will be in early December of the second year so this is a good time to think about destinations and which universities are a good match for subjects of study.

The video below will tell you about the experiences of three of our students who studied abroad:

Study Abroad opportunities

To study abroad you need to have a good academic and disciplinary standing, which is why undergraduate students going abroad do so in their third year of study, for example, after having successfully studied four semesters in their degree programme, and need to fulfil the requirements for progressing to Honours in their degree subject area. The University of Glasgow’s Study Abroad team in conjunction with the Adam Smith Business School subject mobility coordinators help you to explore your semester and academic year opportunities.