Glasgow team win Global Student Challenge

Issued: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 13:16:00 BST

Students from the Adam Smith Business School made it to the final of the Global Student Challenge in Zwolle. The team, Meticulous Medley, were the overall winners of the competition, defeating 21 other national winners from 20 different countries around the world. Team members are Adam Smith Business School students, Karol Yearwood (MA Economics/Maths), Mateusz Del Percio (MA Economics/Maths), Borys Mandrela (MSc Financial Risk Management), and Mathematics and Statistics student, Ivona Voroneckaja (MSci Statistics with Work Placement).

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In this photo: Meticulous Medley with Rob Dekkers holding a cheque.
Adam Smith Business School students win the Global Student Challenge 2017, powered by Supply Chain Finance Community

The Global Student Challenge 2017 gives undergrad students, worldwide, the chance to get hands on experience in almost all aspects of running a global business. The competition saw contestants manage a supply chain and associated financial aspects, whilst making decisions on the production and distribution of personal care products to supermarket chains. The students were responsible for contracting worldwide suppliers to deliver the components needed to produce their final product in time. With all this in mind, the students had to coordinate their production cycle and manage cash flow by working closely with banks and their clients. The ultimate objective was to achieve the highest return on investment, thus not only focussing on profitability, but maximising the value obtained from the investment capital.

More than 7000 students from around the world registered teams for this challenge, with hundreds of teams competing regionally for a place in the final. The 21 winning teams from the regional competition then travelled to Zwolle in the Netherlands to take part in the final, which took place between 10-14 April, all competing for the €10,000 cash prize.

From the first round in Zwolle, Meticulous Medley had a solid performance, putting them consistently first in the weighted overall classification. Despite increasing competition from other teams, they maintained their solid lead, walking away with the €10,000 cash prize.

Meticulous Medley comments about their experience: “The Global Student Challenge was, in our opinion, one of the most worthwhile experiences we’ve had during our time at University. It gave us a chance to apply our knowledge in a real environment as the Cool Connection simulation offers a true insight into the consequences business decisions have. The best thing about the experience was definitely teamwork. As a team we had to coordinate all of our decisions together, as each role, whether it was purchasing, sales or finance, had a direct impact on all other parts of the business. Therefore, success could only be achieved through coordination of efforts of all team members and by considering how each of our decisions would have an impact on other areas. Finally, the event was an amazing opportunity to meet nearly 100 other students from all over the world. Not many students get such an amazing networking opportunity and we think many of the connections we established there we will continue in our future careers”.

Dr Rob Dekkers Readers, Reader in Industrial Management and team coach, comments: “I was really impressed by the performance of the team. Not only did they put their full weight into the competition, they also managed to study and prepare for the upcoming exams. What dedication”.

The Global Student Challenge is run by the Supply Chain Finance Community and aims to create awareness and stimulate development on the topic of Supply Chain Finance. The challenge aims at identifying talented students and connecting them to the corporate sector by stimulating and improving the interaction between corporate/banking sector and knowledge institutions.

Pre-registration will soon be open for next year’s event; for more information or to register your interest, visit Global Student Challenge.


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