Graduate Teaching Assistants


GTA Policy


After teaching is allocated to permanent members of staff, PhD and MRes students are permitted to apply for GTA posts from their second year of study onwards, with approval from their supervisors and contingent upon satisfactory PhD progress. Students who are awarded a B grade or lower at their APR will not be considered for teaching to allow a focus on research activities.1

GTAs may work up to 264 hours per academic year (August-July). This includes all relevant activities, e.g. teaching, marking, meetings, administrative/exam support, research assistance and training.

Each subject will issue an annual call for applications for GTA positions. The application process will be overseen by the relevant Subject Support Administrator and related academic staff.

Contingent on supervisor approval, all GTAs will be offered fractional contracts and must have working permissions verified annually by the School Administrator. Upon start of teaching, GTAs submit their hours via Online Timesheets on CoreHR. Payments are made on the last working day of each month.

Exam support duties  (invigilation and script collection) will be issued to contracted GTAs for a maximum of 20% of their workload.

1Existing GTAs who receive a B at their APR may be considered for renewal at the discretion of the Head of Subject and/or PGR Convenor and relevant supervisors.

Before Applying


All applicants must meet the requirements of the generic GTA Job Description. Candidates are encouraged to consult with the course specification for information about the aims and intended learning outcomes (ILOs) before making an application. Course specifications can be downloaded from the course catalogue. Applicants are also encouraged to contact the course coordinator to learn more about the duties involved.

All posts include delivery of teaching, marking (including feedback) and attendance at compulsory training, teaching and marking meetings.


New GTAs must complete statutory training offered by the University through the Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service. If you haven’t completed training before you begin teaching, you must be enrolled to attend training in the current session. Depending on your area, you may be required to attend subject-specific training.

All GTAs must be willing to attend further training to develop their skills as required and are encouraged to take advantage of voluntary opportunities. Payment will be made for all mandatory training on an hourly basis.

Statutory Training 


GTAs are required to be on campus for teaching, meetings and marking. Training begins in early September and degree exam marking takes place during December/January and April/May. It is not advisable to make other commitments, especially travel, during the semester or degree exam marking periods without first consulting with the relevant Subject Administrator.

Language Skills

Naturally, GTAs are required to have excellent English speaking and comprehension skills to be able to effectively communicate with students and academic colleagues. The language used in classes is English and other languages should not be used, including those courses with international cohorts.

UK Bank Account

It is recommended that GTAs open a UK Bank Account prior to undertaking any work.

Who pays National Insurance?

You pay National Insurance contributions if you are an employee and you are aged 16 and over, as long as your earnings are more than a certain level. You will find information on how to apply for a National Insurance Number at It is recommended that GTAs obtain a National Insurance Number as soon as possible.

Who pays Tax?

You will find information on paying tax in the UK at

Contracts, Salary & Working Permissions

Visas & Working Permissions

All employees are subject to Right to Work and ID verification, normally carried out by the School. This verification must be complete before any work begins. Students on a Tier 4 visa are also required to submit a Tier 4 Declaration of Work. Tier 4 visa holders are only permitted to work a total of 20 hours per week. Tier 4 visa holders cannot be paid for work undertaken once the visa has expired. For PhD students, this is four months after the thesis submission date and normally the viva takes place within this grace period. If a student completes his or her PhD earlier than expected, the UKVI will automatically be informed by the University that his/her status has changed once the thesis submission date is determined.

GTAs may not claim for hours worked after their visa expires. Final payments can be made one pay cycle after the visa expiration. For example, if the visa expires 20 January, and the Online Timesheet deadline is 15 January, you may work up to 20 of January. Any work carried out between the Timesheet deadline and visa expiry will be paid in February.

If you plan to renew your visa, you should do this as soon as possible and should notify School Administration. Please keep the School informed of all communications that you receive from UKVI during the renewal process. You will also need to submit the new visa for verification once it is issued.

Fractional Contracts

All GTAs within the Adam Smith Business School are offered fractional employment contracts with the University.

Full-time equivalents (FTEs) are determined by the number of predicted hours a GTA is scheduled to work in the coming year – normally based on confirmed tutorial groups and preparation time and excluding work where the hours are subject to variation, such as teaching which is not confirmed at the point of contract and marking. It is expected that most GTAs’ allocation will exceed the number of hours stated in the contract.

Please consult the Extended Workforce Policy for more information.

Staff IT Account

Upon return of the signed contract, a staff IT account will be established for you. You will receive an automated email prompting you to register your GUID. Instructions can be found here. Use your staff GUID (not your student GUID) to access CoreHR to upload bank details, submit timesheets and view payslips and P60s.

If you are unsure of your staff GUID, please contact

Timesheets & Payments

GTAs are appointed at a Grade 6 Spinal Point 25, in line with practice across the University, and will submit timesheets (hours) independently through CoreHR. Timesheets will be reviewed by the relevant Subject Administrator then forwarded to Payroll. Timesheets should be submitted on a weekly basis. Instructions can be found here.

All members of staff are paid on the last working day of the month, one month in arrears. For example, hours worked in June, will be paid on the last working day of July. Online timesheet deadlines can be found here. Please note – these are the deadlines for approval to be submitted to Finance. Please ensure your timesheets are submitted to the appropriate Subject Support Administrator at least 2 days prior to this date.

Advanced payment cannot be made for any future hours – i.e. hours that you are contracted to work at a future date. Payment cannot be made for any hours worked after your appointment has ended so please ensure that all the hours you have been contracted to do are completed before your appointment ends. Contact if you are unsure of these dates.

Pension & Deductions

You will automatically be enrolled in the pension scheme. If you wish to opt out you must contact the Pensions Section on 0141 330 5366 or

If you have any queries regarding the amount of deductions from your pay (e.g. tax) please contact Payroll directly on  or 0141 330 4400.

Further information regarding pay and pensions can be found on the University website.


The arrangements for paid holidays for GTAs are unconnected to PhD leave provisions and also differ to the arrangements for other staff.  Holiday pay is accrued based on the number of hours worked and paid three times a year.

Key points:

  • Holiday pay for staff on fractional contracts is paid at the rate of 12.0319%
  • Pay is based on the hours worked in the preceding months - December: September to November; March: December to February; June: March to May
  • The calculation includes provision for the public holidays falling within the relevant payment period. For example, GTAs working in Semester 1 and 2 will receive payment for 25-26 December, 1-2 January, Good Friday and Easter Monday.

GTA Work and PhD Progress

GTA hours are logged internally to ensure PhDs do not exceed the School's annual limit of 264 hours. It is expected that PhDs will discuss GTA opportunities with their supervisors to ensure satisfactory progress.  Hours may be reviewed as part of Annual Progress Reviews. If satisfactory progress is not made, students may prohibited from taking up GTA posts in the coming year.

Teaching Support Resources

The resources below will be useful to GTAs and the topics covered will be discussed in our School induction programme.

Roles and Responsibilities


Before teaching commences, GTAs should meet with the course coordinator and will be provided with a teaching guide and materials at the beginning of the semester and always at least two weeks in advance of the lesson. GTAs are paid for two hours of meetings with the course coordinator which may be utilised at any point during the semester. Any additional meetings requested by the course coordinator will be paid hourly.

Tutors are allocated and paid for 30 minutes of preparation time for each contact hour. It is generally expected that, where the same material is delivered multiple times, this additional preparation time can be utilised to answer brief student queries in person and via email. GTAs should not hold office hours; students should be directed to the office hours of the lecturer(s). This preparation time counts toward the PhD limit of 264 as well as the weekly limit of 20 hours for Tier 4 students.

Policy for Missing/Swapping Tutorials

If a GTA is unable to deliver their teaching for any reason, the Subject Administrator must be informed in advance. GTAs are not permitted to arrange cover for or swap tutorial groups without consulting the Subject Support Administrator under any circumstances.

In the event of absence, please contact the Subject Support Administrator as soon as possible. If the class begins at 0900 hours, please phone the Adam Smith Business School Reception (0141 330 3993) by 8.30am to ensure cover can be arranged immediately.


GTAs should complete their marking in accordance with the School marking guidelines. These include provision for meeting with lead markers/marking teams before marking begins; markers are paid for 1 hour for each meeting.

Markers must provide individual and generic feedback as require by the course coordinator. All marker contribute to marking review forms.

Marking is paid at a rate of 2 ‘scripts’ per hour, pro-rated for marking individual exam questions.

Administrative Support

Only GTAs who are contracted will be eligible to undertake administrative/exams support in accordance with the allocation of hours as detailed below:



Invigilation and Script Collection

Duration of Exam plus 30 minutes before to collect paperwork and set up exam venue plus 30 minutes at the end of the exam to collect exam papers and return to School.

Invigilation (disabilities)

Duration of exam plus 1.25 hours

PhD assistance

Paid hourly

Troubleshooting Guide for Online Timesheets

Problem Action
I can’t log in to Core to input my timesheet. Please contact
I don’t know what pay code to choose. Please use code 2143.
In the approvers box it says, “select a department first”. Go to the top of the timesheet and select your Appointment ID
In the approvers box it says “no approvers in organisational area”. No approvers have been set up for your team. Ask your Subject Support Administrator to contact
The correct approvers are not showing in the approver’s box. Ask your Subject Support Administrator to contact 
I am getting an error message saying, “You cannot submit a claim as your account does not have a PPS number associated with it.  Please contact your administrator”. This means that there is no National Insurance number recorded for you on the HR/Payroll System. Please contact 
I am getting an error message saying, “The times you have entered overlap with times already submitted.  You cannot enter a time more than once”. This means that there is an overlap in the time recorded for you. Please check your timesheets, including saved ones and rejected ones, to identify where the error is. If you can’t find the overlap please contact
I am getting an error message saying, “One or more work completed rows entered conflict with dates and times of data already present in the database”. This means that there is duplicate time recorded for you. Please check your timesheets, including saved ones and rejected ones, to identify where the error is. If you can’t find the duplicate entry please contact
I am getting an error message saying “All timesheet items must be within the date range for this appointment (dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy). There are items outwith this range”. You are entering time before the start date of your appointment or after the target date of your appointment. Please contact your Subject Support Administrator.
When I try to submit my timesheet, I get a “URL not found” error message. Try accessing Core through a different browser. Try refreshing your Browser. Try again later. If the problem persists, please contact
I have submitted my timesheets but I have selected the wrong approvers. Un-submit the timesheet, edit it to select the correct approvers then resubmit for approval. See Employee Timesheet Instructions for guidance on how to do this.
My timesheet has been rejected. View the rejected timesheet. The reason for rejection will be noted at the bottom in red. Edit the timesheet then resubmit it for approval. See Employee Timesheet Instructions for guidance on how to do this.
I don’t know if my timesheet has been approved or not. Look in the “Status” column in “My Timesheets”. This will show the status of the timesheet, eg. Submitted, Approved Level One, Approved Level Two, Submitted to Payroll for Payment.
I don’t know if I’ve been paid for my time. Look in the “Status” column in “My Timesheets”. This will show the status of the timesheet. If the timesheet has been paid, this will say Paid.
I am having a problem not described above. Contact

Key contacts



Subject Support Administrators

Nargause Majid
Lorna Baillie
Lynn Miller

General information, teaching, payment, teaching experience letters, Right to Work/ID verification

Finance and Purchasing
Administration Officer

Finance and payroll; Research budgets/hours

Postgraduate Programmes Officer

PhD and APR matters

Quality Enhancement and Assurance Support Administrator

Deborah Tennent

Exam support

Quality Enhancement and Assurance Coordinator

Student complaints; Learning & Teaching support; plagiarism