Academy of International Business Conference 2020

Issued: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 13:25:00 GMT

Date: Thursday 2 April - Saturday 4 April
Time: TBC
Venue: Various - TBC. See map
Category: Conference
Audience: Invite only
Admission: tbc

The economic and political landscape around us is changing rapidly. We have entered an era of persistent contradictions with societal and economic changes leading to major disruptions/turbulences across the globe.  These pressures and changes are putting great pressure on SMEs and MNEs and their ability to internationalise and sustain their competitive advantage. Existing strategies and business models used by decision makers may seem insufficient or the least to say, are not equipped to handle these fast-paced changes. International Business and Entrepreneurship [IBE] as a field, may need to reinvent itself, to accommodate for these changes and challenges into existing theories and paradigms. At the AIBUKI conference in Glasgow, we aim to tackle and debate these issues.

By bringing together scholars from different parts of the world and researchers who conduct research in different regions/countries together, we hope that this will provide important refinement and reinvention of new ideas and perspectives that will enrich and enhance the IBE field.

More information to follow.

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