Business of Sustainability. ING & their net zero commitment

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With Alberto Gervasini & Stefanie Kooistra, ING

Thursday 28 October, 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Zoom online webinar

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The global climate crisis we are facing is impacting society, business and our environment. It is widely accepted that there needs to be radical change to the way we do business with an immediate focus on the next decade. We need to put in place more sustainable systems, that will allow us to meet the climate change targets set by the Paris Accord. Across the globe, businesses, both small and large, are making changes to the way they function to reduce their carbon impact and operate in a manner that will allow them to remain investible.

In this event with ING, we considered the role banks can play in fighting climate change. Since 2018, ING has committed to steering its lending portfolio towards the goals of the Paris agreement. One year after making this commitment, ING published its first Terra report, a detailed description of its portfolio current emission intensity and the bank strategy to reach its climate goals – a world-wide first of its kind. Since then, ING increased its ambitions by committing to Net-Zero by 2050 through the Net Zero Banking Alliance.

In this presentation, Alberto and Stefanie shared how ING uses the Terra approach to measure and steer its lending book. They did a deep dive into a few sectors on which ING reports to demonstrate how they work with methodologies. Looking towards the future, Alberto and Stefanie also shared their outlook for sustainability in banking, including the challenges and opportunities that banks and financial institutions are facing.

With Glasgow hosting COP26 in November there is a focus on how businesses will respond. Over a series of six webinars, we will hear from a range of companies, large and small, global and local who are responding to these challenges.

Business of Sustainability - ING

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First published: 15 October 2021

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