Academic Insights: The Shifting Paradigm of FinTech

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FinTech Academic Insights: The Shifting Paradigm of FinTech

Wednesday 3 March, 9.30am - 11.30am
Zoom webinar

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On Wednesday 3 March, we were delighted to welcome Dr Kaveh Asiaei from Universiti Malaya to our Academic Insights event to discuss his research, alongside Adam Smith Business School's Dr Charalampos Stasinakis. Dr Kaveh presented research focussed on the FinTech industry within Malaysia, with Dr Stasinakis discussing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within FinTech.

Our Academic Insight sessions give us the opportunity to welcome our colleagues from other universities to discuss their research and provide enlightening insights into the innovative FinTech industry.

This session considered two key areas of research:

  1. Dr Kaveh presented an overall picture of the FinTech landscape in Malaysia by showcasing 20 of Malaysia's most promising FinTech start-ups and established players, all of which are headquartered in Malaysia. The FinTech industry in Malaysia is growing rapidly, reshaping the Financial sector as it grows. In response to this, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) issued the Financial Technology Regulatory Sandbox Framework in 2016, which has the primary aim of providing a regulatory environment to foster and safeguard innovations within the Malaysian FinTech industry. BNM has since reported that banking may face a threat to its revenue by 2025 due to the advancement of FinTech and innovations within the industry, as traditional banking institutions are excluded from this growing landscape.
  2. Dr Stasinakis attempted to highlight the shifting paradigm of FinTech through the lens of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Expanding on the transformation of FinTech within academia that he has experienced in his decade at Adam Smith Business School, he discussed how the symbiotic nature between academia and industry enhances and ultimately has allowed FinTech to become mainstream. Dr Stasinakis also touched on academic literature, the labour market and organisational culture that has arisen due to this transformative symbiosis.

There was an opportunity to participate in a Q&A at the end of the session.

This Academic Insights session was hosted by Professor Georgios Sermpinis, Adam Smith Business School. Joining the School in 2011, he previously worked at the University of Bedfordshire and Liverpool John Moores University. Georgios has offered consultancy and provided seminars for major banks such as Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Santander and Societe Generale.

This event took place via Zoom webinar.

Academic Insights: The Shifting Paradigm of FinTech


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First published: 3 March 2021

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