Lunchtime: Equilibrium consequence of welfare egalitarianism

Published: 13 May 2022

18 May. Professor Takashi Hayashi, University of Glasgow

Professor Takashi Hayashi, University of Glasgow

'Equilibrium consequence of welfare egalitarianism'
Wednesday 18 May, 1pm- 2pm
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The paper studies equilibria in a game in which agents report utility functions or preferences over continuously divisible goods and allocation is determined by maximising the egalitarian social welfare function.


Takashi finished his PhD at the University of Rochester in 2004, and held a position at the University of Texas at Austin before joining the University of Glasgow. Takashi’s research interest is decision making under uncertainty and over time, both individual and collective. Takashi is interested in axiomatically characterising how an individual or a group of individuals does or should make decisions consistently or inconsistently.

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First published: 13 May 2022

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