Professor Daniel Hamermesh

Issued: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 09:25:00 BST

Photo of Professor Daniel Hamermesh, Chief Coordinator, IZA Netowrk and Editor in Chief, IZA World of Labor.
Attending as a speaker at the Adam Smith Distinguished Speaker series on 6 June 2019

How we use time, and why

5pm, Thursday 6 June 2019
Room 201 Flat Hall, John McIntyre Building, University Avenue

Using data from the US, France, Germany and the UK, Professor Hamermesh examined how time is divided among various activities, including sleep and television-watching.

He discussed how these uses differ among demographic groups and studies the effects of economic incentives such as income and wage rates. He examined how time zones affect our spending of time and demonstrates how the stress people feel about time is affected by their economic circumstances.

He also considered how changes in economic policy can lead people to alter their activities in order to generate a less stressful life in which time is balanced more evenly over their lives.

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