CREST Insider Threat Event

Issued: Mon, 27 Nov 2017 12:51:00 GMT

Date: Tuesday 16 January 2017
Time: 9.30am - 2.00pm. Conference start time: 10.00am. Lunch served at: 1.00pm 
Venue: Wolfson Medical Building, Seminar room 253 (Yudowitz)
Category: CREST event
Audience: Academic staff, doctoral students and external contacts 

Event overview

The event provided an understanding of the impact of organisational change on counterproductive work behaviour: An operational (dis)trust based framework. 

This conference focused on the adverse impact of organisational change on employee trust where the findings from a CREST funded project on insider threat and organisational change were presented. 

We have identified how changes can increase the risk of, and more critically trigger, counterproductive work behaviours and cases of insider threat. Drawing on our recent work (e.g. Searle et al. 2016; 2017) which has analysed individual and group cognitions and emotions regarding change, we will reveal the distinct individual, social and contextual factors that can result in some employees remaining engaged, loyal and trusting during transition periods, while others become disengaged, distrusting and start to behave in deviant ways. In this way we highlight that insider threat does not occur solely due to the recruitment of deviant or malicious individuals, but can inadvertently be developed through the increasingly negative perceptions and experiences of employees. These shifts in perception are particularly likely as organisations require changes to roles, relationships, and resources.

Presentations included: 

• The dynamics of insider threat
• Identifying underlying mechanisms of change
• Strategies to mitigate the adverse impacts of change for individuals, especially those on the autistic spectrum or other ‘vulnerable’ groups
• The role of co-workers and leaders
• The role of organisational policy and organisational culture


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