Effective Leadership for Project Management: Matters of Boiling it Down to the Right Logic?

Issued: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:36:00 GMT

The Adam Smith Business School was proud to host the CeeD Project Management Clinic focusing on effective leadership for project management. This inspiring and interactive clinic discussed the challenges and how to address them; the panel at the end and the informal closure ensured that all attendees took something away to their practice.               

Event details       

Date: Tuesday 28 March          

Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm 

Venue: Room 305, Gilbert Scott Building  

Agenda for the session

13.00 Welcome refreshments 

13.30 Welcome - CeeD and The University of Glasgow
13.40 'Getting the Logic Right: Blending Foresight, Vision and Systems Thinking' - Rob Dekkers, University of Glasgow
14.00 Risk Management in large scale rail infrastructure upgrade project - Peter Gorman, Head of Projects, Babcock International
14.20 'Keeping a Cool Head for Stakeholder Management: The Case of University of Glasgow’s Refurbishment' - Nicola Cameron, University of Glasgow. 
15.00 Tea/coffee
15.15 Site Tour - University of Glasgow refurbishment works
16.15 Panel discussion - chaired by Joe Collins; University of Glasgow, with Alan Suttie; Fearsome 
16.55 Sum up - CeeD
17.00 Close


This event was photographed for promotional purposes, by attending you have offered consent. 

Further information

Projects are challenging their managers, or better leaders in this respect, for managing stakeholders and building the case, in advance and throughout. Not addressing these challenges may result in project creep, incoherent approaches towards stakeholders, users and project teams, and ultimately reduce the capability to deliver the project in a controlled way. It is important that project managers lead stakeholder management, the scope of the project and perhaps act in a visionary manner. 

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