Trade policy in crises or moment of opportunity for the UK

Issued: Thu, 08 Sep 2016 10:50:00 BST

We were delighted to welcome Dr Gregor Irwin, Chief Economist at the Global Counsel to the Adam Smith Business School on Friday 30 September 2016, as a guest speaker of the 2016-2017 Practitioner Seminar Series.      

Event Details   

Date: Friday 30 September 2016

Time: 1pm - 2:15pm   

Venue: Lecture Theatre 208, John McIntyre Building, University of Glasgow 

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Dr Gregor Irwin is the Chief Economist at Global Counsel and advises international firms on political and regulatory risk, particularly in Europe and the emerging economies. Before joining Global Counsel in 2014 he was the Chief Economist at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for six years. He has previously worked for the Bank of England, HM Treasury and the strategy consultants Marakon Associates. He has a doctorate in economics from Oxford University, where he also held fellowships in economics at Lady Margaret Hall and University College. His undergraduate degree was in economics and accountancy at The University of Glasgow. He has published in several economic journals including the Economic Journal, Oxford Economic Papers and the International Journal of Finance and Economics. Last year he produced a report for the Global Counsel on the impact of Brexit. This year he published a report for Chatham House on the strategic implications of TTIP.       



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