FinTech Roundtable: FinTech in Africa

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FinTech Roundtable: What's next for FinTech in Africa?

Friday 30 April, 1.00pm - 2.30pm
Zoom webinar

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As part of our FinTech Forum event series, the Adam Smith Business School was delighted to host a roundtable focusing on FinTech in Africa.

Africa has produced some of the world's most envied success stories of Fintech for financial inclusion. The Kenyan mobile money services app M-PESA, for example, has increased financial inclusion in Kenya from 27% to 83% in little over a decade. Many more innovative start-ups are utilising promising technologies to address the huge market of unserved adults, attracting investments from some of Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capitalists as well as from well-established payment giants such as Visa, MasterCard, or Stripe. This online forum discussed the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for this vibrant sector.

The event was convened by Dr Helen Mullen, Coordinator of the MSc Financial Technology Pathways Projects.

The roundtable was hosted and led by Felix Honecker, PhD Student and Marie Curie ITN Early Stage Researcher at Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, and brought together the following speakers who offered first-hand insights into the exciting developments within Africa:

  • Jihan Abass - Founder and CEO of Lami
  • Nurhassen Mudesir - Co-founder and managing partner of YenePay
  • Alexis Roman - Co-founder and CEO of Koa Technology
  • Noha Shaker - Founder and Secretary General of the Egyptian FinTech Association, and the elected Vice President of the Africa FinTech Network

This event took place via Zoom webinar. 

FinTech Roundtable: FinTech in Africa

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First published: 30 April 2021