Reflections from the Head of School

Reflections from the Head of School

John Finch Aspire 19
Reflections from Head of the School

With milestone events, such as this year’s 40th anniversary celebrations of the MBA programme at the Adam Smith Business School, it is natural to cast our minds back over the previous decades to see where we have been and what we have achieved. For the School, that can be summed up by more milestones – triple accreditation, record breaking student numbers and adopting the Adam Smith name to cite but a few. But it’s important during these times to look ahead at what we hope to achieve over the coming years. What achievements would we like to be celebrating in the future?

At the MBA 40th anniversary, I would like us to be celebrating a new, state of the art facility for teaching, research, collaboration and engagement. Work is due to be complete on the new dedicated Adam Smith Business School building in 2021. During the intervening years, we will be looking at the needs of our students and staff, and emerging developments in learning, so that we can future proof this landmark project.

I would also like to celebrate our extended engagement with the business world, supported  by our External Engagement academic and professional staff – in particular, our new Corporate Connections Manager who will be appointed this summer. We want to investigate and discover the best way to continue to bring real value to our business partners and the global business community through our research and learning and teaching.

The Adam Smith Business School of the future should be accredited and internationally ranked, with excellent student satisfaction. We aim to have world leading research that makes an impact, and informs teaching at all levels. We will continue on our current trajectory of development, continually improving, and meeting the needs of our students, alumni, staff and the wider business and policy communities. At the MBA 40th anniversary, we will be celebrating a business school of which we all can be proud.