Letter from the Executive Editor

Letter from the Executive Editor

Colin Mason 
Letter from Executive Editor

If there was a theme for this issue of Aspire, it would have to be ‘change’. This is particularly true with our main feature article about Kate Armstrong, and the catalysts for change in the insurance industry over the past 30 years.

There has certainly been a tremendous amount of change in the world over the past few years, with surprising election results in many democratic countries around the world. Andrew Cumbers and Robert McMaster from the Adam Smith Business School, along with Michael White from Nottingham Trent, are part of the Transforming Public Policy Through Economic Democracy Project, which has just released preliminary findings from their Economic Democracy Index. They point out that economic democracy has much to do with the rise of right wing populism and the emergence of figures like Donald Trump in the world of politics.

Denis Fischbacher-Smith urges British Airways to change its method of responding to crises in an article he wrote while caught travelling during a major IT failure. Drawing on his decades of research into crisis management, he is able to break down the problems and make recommendations for how the organisation could have handled the situation better.

There is change afoot in the School as well, with the promise of a new building for the Adam Smith Business School on the horizon. We will be sharing more information on this development in future issues of Aspire.

Aspire will be going through some changes as well. Emily Stewart, the founding Editor of Aspire, is leaving the University of Glasgow. This issue will be her last. In addition to giving the magazine its name over 10 years ago, she has managed the publication’s evolution from a four-page newsletter to a fully-fledged magazine. Emily will be missed, but she will be passing the torch to very capable hands. Our new Communications Officer, Claire Smith, will be taking over the Editorship and is developing plans to take Aspire into its next phase.

To help us with this development, and to ensure we continue to meet the needs and expectations of our readers, I encourage you to complete a questionnaire that Claire has created, which will help us with our review. You can find the survey at: Adam Smith Business School communications survey