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Alumni Associations

We love the fact that so many of our alumni want to keep the fun and conversation going with the University of Glasgow and fellow graduates. Alumni associations are a great way to do that at a regional level.

We are in touch with over 130,000 alumni based in the UK and across the world. .

There are no rules for how our Associations operate – they all work in their own unique way, bringing our alumni together and supporting the University. Our Alumni Associations are a vital part of the University’s global profile and:

  • provide opportunities for our alumni to keep in touch with one another and the University
  • support new alumni and create new friendships
  • provide fun and enjoyable social opportunities
  • offer valuable business and academic networking opportunities to other alumni and for the University.

If you can’t find one close to you, we are always happy to discuss how we can help you get one started. We introduce valuable University contacts to local Alumni Associations and collaborate with them on various University in-country events. If there aren’t enough alumni in your area for a group, why not become a Global Alumni Contact?

For the first time our Associations will be able to take part in our new and exciting Alumni Associations Scheme. The Scheme offers our Associations the chance to earn points for activities they organise, competing to win the award for the University’s Alumni Association of the Year. Contact us to find out more on the scheme and how to start collecting points for your association!

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Alumni Association event updates Beijing Alumni Association

Graduation is never the end of your Glasgow journey; rather, it is a new beginning! To welcome the newly returned Chinese alumni, help them settle in well in Beijing and enhance their employability, the Beijing Alumni Association Board members hosted their 2016 Welcome Event on 15 October 2016 with over 60 new graduates attending the event. The event was supported by our alumni speakers Lei Zhang (MBA, 2012); Duowei Cao (MAcc, 2011); Zhuo Zhang (MBA, 2007); Zhaofeng Zhou (PhD in Law, 2008); and were joined by Mo Chen, Founder and Principle Consultant at Precurse Logic (Beijing) Co. Ltd and Chengheng He, HR at Baidu. The speakers shared their own career path stories gave invaluable insights into the current employment market and shared job application tips. The event venue was offered complimentary from Yueping Feng, Global Partner at Beijing Jingshi Law Firm.

What  the  attendees  thought  of  this  event? Shiyu Wang, MSc in International Banking and Finance, 2016: “Only after I returned home I realised how competitive the job market is. The Beijing Alumni Association Welcome Event is really helpful! Experienced alumni were generous to share their own experience and career path, as well as the job hunting/application tips. I now recognised how important the first job is to the future career prospect. I have already applied the tips of how to write a good CV and how to interview in real life and found it very useful. Thanks to the alumni speakers! I hope to attend similar events in the future.” Rui Gao, MSc in International Trade and Finance, 2016: “I am so grateful for the Beijing Alumni Association to provide such a great platform to help me keep in touch with other fellow alumni. The experience shared by the senior alumni is particularly beneficial.” Xuanpu Chen, MSc in Finance and Management, 2016: “I was so lucky to be able to attend this great event the day I landed in Beijing! Before this event, I had no idea about job hunting tactics, but now I learnt so much from the senior alumni that I recognised the areas I need to work on. I sincerely hope the Beijing Alumni Association can offer more events and help the local alumni to know more people, exchange experience and grow together!”

Shanghai Alumni Association

Early autumn in Shanghai can be chilly. However, the recent arrival of many new Adam Smith Business School alumni has added an extra layer of warmth and energy to the city. To welcome this latest group of alumni back home, the Shanghai Alumni Association hosted a special event on 30 October 2016 aimed at helping new alumni recognise the current job market situation, position themselves properly and consider a suitable job-hunting strategy that suits individual needs. This welcome event was supported by three experienced Adam Smith Business School alumni and two Shanghai Alumni Association non-alumni contacts. The speakers were: Linan Chen (MSc in Management (International Marketing), 2007), Ruyu Jin (MBA, 2012), Tongcong Liu (MFin, 2013), and non-alumni speakers who are the contacts of the Shanghai AA Board members: Chao Liu, former Principle Analyst, Citi Securities and Yu Liu, Founder at Growing Harbor. The key messages coming out of the welcome event were:

  • There is no ‘best’ job but a job that suits you the best.
  • Assessing the suitability of a job requires you to take personal interest, strength and experience into account.
  • For the recently returned Chinese alumni, it is really important to position yourself correctly at the start and think about the following questions: Why you have chosen Industry X? High salary? A glamorous name? For example, there is an increasing trend for new graduates to choose investment and securities for their career. However, does this industry really suit you?
  • How can you make yourself stand out in the recruitment process, if you only have passion but limited background in financial analysis, client resource, or relevant working experience?
  • What are your strengths? Do you know what your dream company’s core values are? Can you add value to this company?
  • Ask yourself, which sector suits you, considering your current strength, education background, relevant experience, personal interest and passion? Once you have carefully considered these three questions, turn on your computer and reassess your CV and covering letter.

Most recruiters hate to receive a CV that is too general and could have been used for all kinds of jobs. As a fresh graduate, you should invest time and effort into every job that you apply for. Your attitude towards preparing your CV and for your interview can be easily seen through by recruiters. Shanghai Alumni Association Board members hope and wish that all new alumni find a first job that suits them and will continue to organise various alumni events to meet the needs of local alumni.

Cityscape of Shanghai at dusk

Mumbai Alumni Association

In November 2016, staff from the largest University delegation to visit India were delighted to have the opportunity to meet up with members of the University of Glasgow Mumbai Alumni Association, at a special reception event held to mark the occasion.

The Association was set up following an initial meeting between alumni and University staff in  May 2016 and those involved are very keen for new members to join them and participate in a programme of social and business networking events. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact

You can also follow the Association on Facebook at ‘University of Glasgow Mumbai alumni.’

Greeting formers student at Mumbai Alumni Association


Following a series of meetings, we are delighted to confirm an Alumni Association in Athens has now been formed.

Our congratulations go to Alexander Athanassoulas (MBA 1992), who was elected as President of the Association and to fellow elected members Nestoras Avgoustidis (MBA 1994) Vice-President; Eve Athanasekou (PhD 2008) General Secretary; Vassilios Tzemos ( MSc 2005) Treasurer; Vassiliki Ivrou (PhD 2014) Member; Odyssefs Kollias (MBA 1991) Member and Panagiotis Tsantilas (MSc 1991) Member.

For information on how to join the local alumni associations, set up a local alumni association, or become an alumni contact, please contact

Indian alumni receptions

In November 2016, the largest ever delegation of staff from the University of Glasgow to visit India were joined by alumni and supporters at a series of special reception events held to mark this historic occasion.

The delegation was the first of its kind to visit India since 2013 and provided opportunities for staff to meet with partner institutions to explore potential areas of collaboration and raise the profile of the University in India. Links between the University and India go back to the 19th century, with the first Indian students commencing their studies at Glasgow in 1870.

The first of three reception events took place at the premises of the British Council in Delhi, were Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli gave a special lecture entitled “Inequality: Causes and Cure” as part of the British Council’s “Knowledge is Great” lecture series. Guests then moved onto a drinks reception, where Sir Anton highlighted the importance of the University’s network of support in India and updated those present on the many recent academic developments at the University, including plans to start a £1billion redevelopment of the Gilmorehill Campus  from 2017.

Following on from activities in Delhi, the delegation moved onto Mumbai where they were joined by alumni and their guests for a reception held at The Royal Bombay Yacht Club. Amongst the guests were the recently established Alumni Association for Mumbai, who are looking to establish regular social and business networking activities with fellow Glasgow alumni from their region.

Bringing the delegation to an end, a final reception event was hosted by the Auld Boys alumni group in Kolkata at the beautiful Bengal Club. The Auld Boys group were established in the late 1960’s when graduates returned to India and have held regular social activities since then. Thank you to everybody who came along to make these such special events and to all our volunteers for helping with the arrangements for the events. We look forward to returning to India to meet more of you in 2017.

Alumni volunteers summary

Cup of coffee with…

‘Cup of coffee with…’ are small career focused events where students have the opportunity to talk with our alumni directly and get some inspiration from the sectors that they work in. The aims of these events are to raise student aspirations as to where a degree from Glasgow will take them, give students an insight into the alumni’s career, help students think about what they will need to get ahead, and reinforce the transferable skills gained during their degree.

In October, Nicola Ellis (MA Economics 2003), Director of Wellington Wealth and Waqas Syed (MSc Economics, Finance & Banking 2007), EMEA Treasury Manager at Life Technologies joined us to present a ‘Cup of coffee with … Economics Alumni Panel’.

A further ‘Cup of Coffee’ event took place in November when Ian Reid, Head of Commercial Finance at AG Barr plc and, previously CFO of Glasgow 2014 Common Wealth Games, shared his career path since leaving the University of Glasgow.

Glasgow University Trade and Investment Club (GUTIC)

Twenty members of the Glasgow University Trading & Investment Club (GUTIC) visited the financial hub of London as part of a banking tour aimed at introducing students to the many careers within the financial industry, and to enhance their future career prospects. The London Banking Tour gave GUTIC students the opportunity to meet Glasgow alumni currently working in some of the top firms in the City, including Goldman Sachs, Macquarie Group, UBS, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. Given the highly competitive careers within the financial industry that students from across the world vie for, the London Banking Tour provides GUTIC students with some fantastic opportunities to network and develop relationships with future employers. During the London Banking Tour GUTIC, members also had the chance to meet with senior leaders from Barclays, HSBC, Aberdeen Asset Management and Scottish Equity Partners. Key personnel met included Patrick Gahan, Head of Corporate Finance at Barclays; Andy Clarke, CEO at HSBC Global Asset Management; Jan Rutherford, Partner at Scottish Equity Partners; and Andrew Kelly, Head of CEO’s office at Aberdeen  Asset Management.

GUTIC also organised an alumni speaker event with Glasgow University alumnus Michael Pagliari, former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, providing students the opportunity to connect with alumni and learn from their career path to find inspiration. Hence, GUTIC seeks to continue to build relationships with Glasgow University Alumni, so that students can learn more about the industry and provide with the tools to help them succeed in their career.

If there is anything more that you would like to learn from GUTIC then please e-mail

Alumni volunteers, the Glasgow University Trading and Investment Club (GUTIC)

Graduate Professional Management Programme (GPMP)

The Graduate Performance Management Programme (GPMP) is now in its 5th year. Part of its future strategy is keen to invite GPMP Alumni on to the programme as guest speakers to discuss their experiences and challenges within the workplace and offer our students further advice on the key employability skills required in organisations, based on the topic areas covered within the programme. GPMP topic areas currently include Effective Presentations; Working in Teams; Assertiveness; Effective Communication; Effective Meetings; Managing Your Time; Introduction to Coaching; and Selling & Marketing Yourself. GPMP, an Institute of the Leadership & Management (ILM) accredited programme, is a free, highly interactive and intense 3 and 4 day small-group based programme designed to facilitate the improvement of students soft and employability skills, ensuring their preparation for entry into the working environment and developing the attributes they need to excel in their career.

Any interested GPMP alumni should contact the Adam Smith Business School Alumni Team: