Glasgow Economic Forum

‌Initiated by a group of undergraduates at the University of Glasgow, April 2014 saw a group of students embark on an ambitious project to create a forum for critical economic discussion in Scotland. This forum was what was to become the Glasgow Economic Forum (GEF). The main aim was to create a forum for economic discussion for students throughout the UK, as well as those from around the world.  The GEF provides students the opportunity to meet others who share their passion for economics and provides a forum that enables exploration of the discipline. The very first GEF conference took place in March 2015 within the University of Glasgow and was a joint project between the Adam Smith Economics Society and the Real World Economics Society, with generous financial and marketing aid from the Adam Smith Business School.

‌The theme of the 2015 conference was ‘the Future of Economics.’ Following the Great Recession, the discipline has endured extensive criticism both from within itself and from outside sources. A discussion about the state of economics is therefore of vital importance, and this is what they hoped to set in motion with the GEF 2015.

Over the course of two days, attendees enjoyed lectures and seminars from prominent people in various schools of thought. Professor Gennaro Zezza from Cassino, Italy, introduced attendees to Stock-Flow Consistent Modelling.  Professor Alan Kirman captivated the audience with a lecture on complexity theory and its potential economic applications. There was a popular panel discussion featuring Professor Christian Ewald of the Adam Smith Business School, Richard Davies, Yuan Yang and Devrim Yilmaz – the economics editor of the Economist, the founder of Rethinking Economics and lecturer at Kingston University respectively. The topic of discussion was the state of economics curricula, a cornerstone of the discipline itself. These are only a few of the people and discussions that helped make GEF 2015 such a success.

GEF 2015 was the first of what is hoped to be an annual occasion at the University of Glasgow and provided attendees with an excellent opportunity to network and explore new ways of thinking about economics and the economy. GEF believe their forum can become an integral part of the economics experience at the University of Glasgow.

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Glasgow University Trading & Investment Club (GUTIC)

Founded in 2009 the Glasgow University Trading and Investment Club (GUTIC) is one of the University’s most innovative and fastest growing academic and professional societies. GUTIC sends students to the most competitive front office divisions of some of the best investment banks in the world, including Goldman Sachs, Barclays and JP Morgan.  This year GUTIC reached their largest ever membership base of 350 members, achieving the highest levels of regular and active member participation.  Alongside the exposure members receive in corporate finance and investments, they are actively involved in employability events and workshops.

In January the GUTIC were delighted to have Angus Macpherson, former Head of Capital Markets at Merrill Lynch (Asia) and current CEO of ES Noble and non-executive director of JP Morgan Elect plc, for a seminar on his time in finance. Mr Macpherson also discussed the history of capital markets during his career and gave his thoughts on what is to come in this sector. This was a unique opportunity for students to network with an accomplished professional from within the banking sector.

January also saw Fraser McLatchie, Head of Investment Operations at Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) and Paul Neeson, Associate at SEP, present a guest lecture on Venture Capital. The speakers gave an introduction to venture capital before moving onto discussing growth opportunities and trends when looking at start-up businesses. They finished the evening discussing two of SEP’s portfolio companies, Skyscanner and Matches Fashion.

GUTIC organised a number of social events including pub crawls and quizzes. The Club visited Alea Casino in March and although they were no big winners an enjoyable night was had by all.

GUTIC are in the process of launching their biggest ever London banking tour, visiting eight leading investment banks including Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Aberdeen Asset Management, as well as a Deutsche Bank investment banking tour to Birmingham in the coming year.

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Glasgow University Real World Economics Society (GURWES)

The Glasgow University Real World Economics Society (GURWES) is a platform for critical economics discussion. In the lecture theatres, the so called neoclassical economics is almost solely taught, and GURWES want to explore alternative approaches to understanding the economy.  As part of an international community, they aim to demystify, diversify and invigorate economics.

This year GURWES have arranged a number of events, both academic as well as social.  During 2014-15 Freshers’ Week they arranged an event with Professor Steve Keen who presented his critique of neoclassical economics based on his best-selling book ‘Debunking Economics’. During the autumn they had various guest lectures including a ‘Keynes night’ with lectures by Professor Robert McMaster and Professor Jim Tomlinson from the University; Spring, an event was held on ‘Why-Series’ which was a series of introductory lectures to various economic schools of thought given by prominent academics within them. In addition to the guest lectures, GURWES co-organised the Glasgow Economic Forum with the Adam Smith Economics Society, and taught tutorials for the Post-Keynesian part of the Economics 2B course. Social events arranged by GURWES included a movie night showing the film ‘Margin Call’, a fun board game night and an economics pub quiz.

Recent events:

• ‘Debunking Economics’, guest lecture by Prof Steven Keen. Freshers’ Week event.

• ‘A Money View of Financial Crisis, and for Economics’, guest lecture by Prof Perry Mehrling.

• ‘Keynes: his Relevance Today’, guest lectures by Prof Robert McMaster & Prof Jim Tomlinson.

• ‘Why Institutional Economics’, guest lecture by Prof Geoffrey Hodgson.

• ‘Why Feminist Economics’, guest lecture by Prof Irene van Staveren.

• ‘Why Marxian Economics’, guest lecture by Prof Ben Fine.

• ‘Why, and How, Economics Should Be Radically Transformed?’, guest lecture by Dr Tony Lawson.

Social events:

• Movie night: Margin Call

• Board game night

• Economics pub quiz

• Co-organised Glasgow Economic Forum with the Adam Smith Economics Society.

• Economics 2B: Post-Keynesian economics exam revision

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Adam Smith Economics Society

‌The Adam Smith Economics Society (ASES) is the oldest society at the University of Glasgow. It aims to organise academic, employability and social events.

ASES invites high-profile speakers to take part in lectures and debates, which gives members an opportunity to grow intellectually. Close co-operation with their main sponsors EY and Barclays helps them get through the competitive recruitment process for internships and graduate jobs. Lastly, their legendary social events make sure that members get to know them better in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Past events organised by ASES include a presentation from two leading experts, Professor Christopher J. Berry and Dr Craig Smith on one of the most influential thinkers in the world of economics for ‘An evening with Adam Smith.’ Following on from this well attended presentation the Economics Society organised a networking event with HSBC for a skill session workshop. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions, learned how to tackle the HSBC assessment centre and were also given the chance to examine their team-working abilities through engaging and interactive group discussions and activities.

The highlight of last year’s social calendar for the Economic Society was their ‘Stand-up Economist’ event. Yoram Bauman, the world’s first and only stand-up economist, performed his first ever performance in Scotland in front of an eager and sold out audience in the Glasgow University Debates Chamber.

Other previous events include:

‘Bright Futures HSBC Workshop’, guest speakers Jacquelyn Stuart, Russell Roberts and Adam Vance.  ‘EY Skill Session’. ‘An evening with Lord Haughey’, guest lecture from Scottish businessman, philanthropist and executive chairman of City Refrigeration Holdings. ‘Greece, Financialization, & the EU’, guest lecture Professor Vassilis Fouskas.

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Post Graduate Business Club

The Postgraduate Business Club at Glasgow University is a student-centred club that is dedicated to helping students connect with businesses and other students. The group organises a number of events including guest lectures, career development seminars, and a number of networking social events.

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The University of Glasgow Business Club

The University of Glasgow Business Club is a student run organisation that provides activities for Adam Smith Business School students. The Club organises a wide range of social events alongside lectures and skill sessions for students.

This year’s events included an interactive session on assessment methods such as psychometric testing and an audience with FDM Group, a leading global IT service provider, with an opportunity for students to submit CVs for their two year graduate scheme.

Social activities included a pub quiz with the University of Glasgow’s HP Brand Manager.

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