Aspire Editorial Board

Aspire Editorial Board

Executive Editor: Professor Colin Mason

Colin Mason has been Professor of Entrepreneurship at ASBS since 2012. Previously, he held positions at Strathclyde Business School, at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, and the University of Southampton. He has a PhD in Economic Geography from the University of Manchester and an MA (Hons) in Geography and Economic History from the University of Edinburgh.

Editor: Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart is the School’s Marketing and Web Officer. She has been with the University of Glasgow since 2001. Previously she worked at Strathclyde Graduate Business School in recruitment and admissions and SAIC in communications and events. She has an MPhil in Media & Culture from the University of Glasgow and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College (USA).

Assistant Editor:  To be confirmed

Editorial Board:

Lynn Bradley

Lynn Bradley is University Teacher of Accounting and Finance within the University of Glasgow.

Katie Forsyth

Katie Forsyth has been the Adam Smith Business School’s Alumni Relations Officer since 2013. Prior joining the School she worked for Action for Children and the Carer’s Trust. She has an MA (Hons) in History from the University of Glasgow.

Jim Malley

Jim Malley is a Professor of Economics at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. 

Dr Xiang Li

Xiang Li has been working for the Adam Smith Business School since August 2012. She is now the ASBS Regional Manager. She has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is the University of Glasgow’s Internal Communications Manager. After working in newspapers he spent 30 years working in broadcast news with the BBC. More recently he worked for the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Dundee as Head of Communications.


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