School supports ‘Green Finance Green Futures’ initiative for teenagers

Adam Smith Business School has partnered with the Bank of England and Skills Development Scotland to put together an exclusive new resource programme to enable secondary school pupils to explore green finance, as part of COP 26. 

The ‘Green Finance, Green Futures’ initiative, introduces the role and value of business, economics and finance in tackling climate change, and to inspire teenagers to ‘think differently’ about the financial sector. It explains what green finance is and how green finance jobs and practices can contribute towards addressing climate change.

The programme is being delivered as three lessons within schools and can be completed independently by students. The final lesson will be a live webinar at on Thursday 11 November featuring panellists from the Bank of England, Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Government, where the experts will discuss questions submitted by the secondary pupils.

Skills Development Scotland, a partner in creating the resources, will also provide valuable insights into career paths and job opportunities within green finance.

The resource pack is targeted for pupils aged 15 -17, with the learning outcomes aligned with Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) levels 4-6. 

First published: 21 October 2021