Business School Graduate and AACSB influential Leader David Timis, represents Global Shapers at the Davos Agenda

profile photo of David Timis

Congratulations to David Timis, Adam Smith Business School (MA Business and Management, 2014) alumnus and 2019 AACSB Influential Leader, who was selected to represent Global Shapers at the recent World Economics Forum Davos Agenda from 25th-29th January 2021. David was one of only 50 Global Shapers (young leaders under the age of 32) selected to take part in the Davos Agenda out of a community of 13000 members. David was also the only Romanian to take part in the virtual event.

The Davos Agenda is an event that brings together the world’s top academics, politicians, business, youth and civil society leaders to engage in addressing the most pressing issues on the global agenda in the context of the current global pandemic.

David said of this great opportunity “I was honoured to be one of the 50 Global Shapers selected to take part in this year's Davos out of a community of over 13.000 members. Participating in the event, albeit only virtually this year, enabled me to connect with the speakers of the sessions I attended at a personal level in various breakout rooms, but also in bilateral meetings in which I had the pleasure of exchanging views on everything from the future of work and education, to the reskilling revolution and universal basic income with leading experts in the aforementioned topics. After an intense 5-days in which I took part in a dozen or more sessions, I came out of the Davos wiser, more humble and with an expanded network of inspiring individuals, which I will hopefully be able to leverage in order to start projects and initiatives to improve society in the coming years. Because as much as it's important to meet and discuss, talking without action is fruitless, and so what's more important than what's happening at Davos, is what's happening in the months after."

First published: 9 February 2021