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Why choose the Small Animal Hospital at the University of Glasgow?

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A veterinary surgeon may refer a client to a veterinary surgeon with expertise in a specific field.  At SAH we have one of the largest collections of veterinary specialists in Europe covering a range of medical and surgical disciplines, all under one roof.



What is a referral?

In veterinary medicine a system of referral exists similar to the relationship between human medicine - general practitioners and specialist hospital doctors. If you and your vet feel that your pet has a condition which is beyond the scope of what can be reasonably achieved in general practice, then a referral is appropriate.

At SAH the facilities provide sophisticated equipment, not readily available in general practice, alongside the skill of the specialist team supported by 24/7 staffing.


Types of veterinary qualification

All veterinary surgeons licensed to practise in the UK are designated 'MRCVS' (Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) which is a professional qualification gained at the same time as the veterinary degree.

Vets may pursue further post-graduate qualifications, either through general practice (self-taught) or by committing to a structured 3 to 4 year post-graduate training program (a Residency) which is supervised and taught by Specialists.

An RCVS, European or American Diploma is the highest level of vocational qualification that is possible to achieve as a veterinary surgeon. Diplomas can only be achieved by many years of dedication to a specific subject area, gaining a large amount of experience and expertise, completing a rigorous system of examinations and publishing original work in the field. In order to achieve this, a Residency must normally be pursued. Holders of Diplomas are eligible to describe themselves as Specialists provided that they meet certain additional criteria such as being available for consultation by referral and being 'active' in their speciality, applying for re-accreditation every 5 years.

RCVS Certificates (e.g. CertSAS, CertSAM), which are encountered more commonly than Diplomas and can be achieved from general practice, require both motivation and hard work but do not provide a Specialist qualification.

We are a referral only hospital. This means that your pet will be referred here by your own vet.