Guidelines on how School events are scheduled and advertised on

The School Google Calendar

Everything (other than teaching) should go on this calendar.   

This would include (but by no means be restricted to):   

  • seminars arranged by the School or potentially of interest to School members
  • group discussion
  • events such as graduate poster sessions which members of the School should attend
  • vivas and pre-viva talks
  • graduation ceremonies
  • Senate meetings
  • School staff meetings
  • undergraduate open days
  • major social events
  • Coffee in the Museum and at Garscube  

Whenever possible, events will have an "owner" who will be responsible for communicating the date, time and place to so that the calendar can be updated.   

At the beginning of each week, Lorna e-mails a list of events taking place that week.   At the same time as the event is communicated, the owner agrees with Lorna a particular level of advertisement that would be appropriate.  The options might be (in addition to the weekly notification on Monday):

High :  The event goes on the screens (in Graham Kerr Reception and Henry Wellcome Resource Room), SBOHVM Weekly News and an e-mail is issued to SBOHVM-Announce a couple of hours before the event

Medium: The event goes on the screens and SBOHVM Weekly News

Low:    The event goes on SBOHVM Weekly News

Examples of a high advert-level event could be special ad hoc seminar not in a normal scheduled slot (incl. a pre-viva talk); a medium advert level would be regularly scheduled seminar or research group meeting;  a low advert level would be something like coffee in the museum or resource centre. Individuals can request automatic notifications from the Google calendar, and the calendar can be integrated into personal Google and Outlook calendars.  We will put instructions on the web-page.   So, if you are involved in, or coordinating any event, the plan would be that you contact Lorna to advise her of the details as soon as possible so that it can be added to the calendar.

You can import the calendar to your own.

Google Calendar:

1 - Log in to your google calendar

2 - Click the downward triangle next to ‘Other calendars’ in the sidebar, and select ‘Add by URL'

3 - Paste the following link in the text field:

4 - To unsubscribe, select ‘Settings’ from the menu under the downward triangle next to ‘My calendars’, in the ‘Calendars’ tab.

Mac OS Calendar

1 - In the Calendar app, select the menu item File>New Calendar Subscription…

2 - Paste the following link in the text field:

3 - Click ‘Subscribe’

4 - In the dialogue box, set Auto-refresh to Every Day, and whether you want to remove alerts and attachments. To synchronise across Apple devices, set ‘Location’ to your iCloud account.

You can also set a daily reminder from your own Google calendar, to be sent to your inbox -

(Sorry for the size of graphic - just go to Reminders & Notifications and choose the last option)‌