China National Excellent Self-funded Scholarship


The National Excellent Self-funded Scholarship celebrates the achievement of non-Chinese government funded Chinese PhD students from different disciplines, with the aim of awarding outstanding young Chinese researcher's academic achievements and encouraging them to return to China following the completing of their PhD studies.


Eligible scholars must:

  • be under 40 years old
  • be studying for their PhD 
  • have never received a Chinese government scholarship for studies whether in China or overseas.

Eligible Countries

  • China

Eligible Programmes


An award of 6,000 USD is available to per nominate. Nominates achieve "Special Excellence" (no more than 10 places) will receive an enhanced award of 10,000 USD.

Number of scholarships


How to apply

Application is via the Chinese Embassy in the UK between 15th July to 31st August, for further information please refer to