Focus on Graduate Skills

Issued: Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:43:00 BST

Maxine Swingler, Maria Gardani, Anna Rolinska, Archie Roy and Scott Kirby are leading a Focus on Graduate Skills project for the QAA, which aims to analyse the views of current students on the skills they are developing through their studies at higher education institutions in Scotland.   The team will collect questionnaires and focus group data from a range of HEIs across Scotland, focusing on students’ views on equality and diversity in skills development, readiness for employment, development of digital skills within the curriculum, and skills required to live and work in a global society.   The project will employ a team of student interns from the School of Psychology, and the findings will be disseminated on the QAA Scotland website.  The team aims to represent as wide a range of students' views as possible, provide up-to-date examples of good practice and insights into gaps in provision and areas for development. If you are interested in the project, contact or follow the team on @QAA Scotland