INP & School Themes

Issued: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 11:21:00 GMT

The INP & School have recently introduced four new research and teaching themes which are intended to encourage the transfer of good practice between groups and break new ground in their respective areas.

Lead contacts and details regarding the remit of each group are as follows:


Lead – Dr Dale Barr

  • To support training developments in UG, PG & staff in stats and methods
  • To consult on experimental design for staff
  • To proactively suggest to staff additional stats and methods techniques that might be appropriate to specific types of data
  • Advise on workshops

Technology (Hardware and Infrastructure)

Lead – Professor Christoph Kayser

  • To facilitate technical testing of state-of-the-art systems
  • To support training developments for UG, PG and staff in technologies
  • To consult on suitability of kit for specific research questions
  • To support developments of mirror kit and training to support student project work
  • Advise on workshops

Grant Writing

Lead – Professor Benedict Jones

  • To advise on funding sources and strategy for individual projects.
  • To co-ordinate grouped applications for centres, doctoral training etc.
  • To proactively seek added value for applications.
  • To proactively make recommendations for collaborations.
  • To provide practical support (i.e. reading drafts).
  • Advise on workshops

High Impact Paper Writing

Lead – Professor Edwin Robertson

  • To encourage researchers to send work to major journals and help them in making the best possible case for their work to be reviewed
  • To provide advice at an early stage on drafts.
  • To advise staff on outlets for individual projects.
  • Advise on workshops

Teaching Development Group

Our four new themes will complement the already-established Teaching development Group:

Lead – Dr Niamh Stack

  • To proactively lead on strategic developments in teaching
  • To drive forward some of the required changes to our teaching provision
  • To provide as coherent a picture as possible across programmes