General Admin Support


ContactJob TitleExtensionKey Responsibilities
Morag Wallace  Finance Administrator 3987 Finance Management, HR and Support
Andrew Dunipace Administrative Assistant 5446 PA to Deputy Head, CCNi , Health & Safety Committee, INP/SoP Newsletter & website, Social Robotics lab support
Natalia Johnsson Skradol

Administrative Assistant

3607 Subject money, research ethics , finance, cSCAN , seminars, Athena SWAN
Louise McFadzean Administrative Assistant 4981 PA to Head of Administration, Executive/Management/staff meetings, HR support, Visitors, CCNi presentations
Lindsay Wilson Administrative Assistant 2372  PA to Director of Research institute/Head of School, GEMRIC, Athena SWAN INP/SoP self assessment team, events
Team mailbox:
Team phone: 0141 330 5446

Teaching Support

ContactJob TitleExtension Key Responsibilities
Fiona Dick Teaching Support Manager 8380 QA Management
Lynda Young Office Manager 5089 Exam Management; Lead School Timetabler, MSc Research Methods Administration
Donna Carrick Administrative Assistant 5424 Course Administration for L3 and 4 Hons and L3 Designated Degree, Depute School Timetabler, Vacation Scholarships and committee support
Jenna Shields Administrative Assistant  6173  Programme and Exam Administration for MSc Psych Science (Conv) and Programme Administration for PGR, School and Institute 
Amanda Lynch Administrative Assistant 3986 Course and Exam Administration for L1 & L2, MSc Psych Science (Conv), BOLD and Tier 4 Monitoring
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Research Support

ContactJob TitleExtensionKey Responsibilities
Claire Gallagher Project Coordinator 3201 Research Management: Grant Applications; Research Costings; Research Funding Initiatives and Opportunities
Alice Lee Administrative Assistant 4629

Head of School & Institute Administration

ContactJob TitleExtensionKey Responsibilities
Dianne Masson Head of School & Institute Administrator 3608 Strategic Planning; Budget Planning and Resources