Lucy Petro

Here, Lucy provides some information and advice about her flexible working arrangement…..

What is your current work pattern?

I work full time hours in a schedule that suits me. I work Monday afternoons from home, and I can be home if needed at any other point during the week. I typically work standard hours Tuesday to Friday, but sometimes exchange week days for weekends if needed. My weekly work pattern is measured by my line manager and myself as the completion of objectives as much as hours worked.

What are your reasons for working flexibly?

Working flexibly allows me to have a research career and a family. My husband works from a home office but travels every week. His pattern of travel is different every week, and with flexible hours I can adjust my working hours to fit with his travel plans.

Can you explain the benefits of working flexibly and the impact on your work-life balance?

By working flexibly, we are able to prioritize our baby daughter whilst also enjoying our careers. Even though we both work full time, we are not away from her for the length of time that full time hours would predict. With my husband working from home, she can be around him the days he is there.  With me working flexibly, I can be home whenever needed or when I choose.  It would not be possible for us to as successfully balance work and home life without the freedom for me to work flexibly.

Can you explain any challenges you have experienced in working flexibly?

Occasionally it can be a challenge when working on a task with a group because you have less opportunity to find time that you’re all available.

How has the School of Psychology & INP supported you in adopting your flexible working pattern?

I feel trusted and valued. This feeling contributes to a rewarding balance between home life and work, each enhancing the other.

What advice would you give to somebody who would like to request a more flexible working pattern?

Think carefully about your needs and communicate them clearly. My line manager and research institute could not be more supportive of my need to prioritize family whilst maintaining my position.