Helena Paterson

Here, Helena provides some information and advice about her flexible working arrangement…..

What is your current work pattern?

During my children’s school terms I work 8:30 - 3pm on 3 days and 9:30-6 two days.

What are your reasons for working flexibly?

I have school-age children who need care in the afternoon

Can you explain the benefits of working flexibly and the impact on your work-life balance?

I has made it possible to be with my children after school which makes family life much better. In the immediate vicinity of Hillhead there is a shortage of after school care with long waiting lists, so finding childcare for primary school age children is very difficult.

Can you explain any challenges you have experienced in working flexibly?

I am not able to take a lunch hour most days and it is not possible to attend meetings and seminars in the afternoon.

How has the School of Psychology & INP supported you in adopting your flexible working pattern?

The school has been supportive in general and have approved my request for flexible working and the occasional necessary changes to my working pattern. Additional sessions have been scheduled with seminar speakers on a Friday so that is it possible to interact with them even when I can’t attend seminars. I can choose some of my teaching such as labs to suit my working pattern.

What advice would you give to somebody who would like to request a more flexible working pattern?

You need to be flexible with your flexible working. Try to identify the days when there are opportunities to take part in events such as seminars and journal clubs that you want to attend and make sure that those are your long days. Be prepared to remind people of your working pattern so that they can keep this in mind when scheduling events and meetings.