Art of Science 2019

'Art of Science' is part of Pint of Science festival and shows what can happen when Glasgow's incredibly talented artistic and scientific communities come together.

Local artists have accepted the challenge to be paired with scientists, in order to create artwork inspired by current, cutting-edge research. 

The series of work examines the representations of cerebral malaria and how they are understood. Moving from macro to micro, the brain is seen as slices of increasing magnification, frozen in time and space but still able to be animated and manipulated through the movement of light through glass. The inspiration for this series stemmed from discussions between the artist, Helen Davy and Dr Chris Moxon about how medical representations are viewed by the patients they depict. As the body is able to be seen and therefore known in ever greater detail, what impact does that have on how we think and feel about our own body? Do we identify with these representations as if they were part of us or do they distance us from our bodies, appearing as a separate entity created and understood by specialists but not ourselves?

Helen Davy - Artist

First published: 26 June 2019