Pint of Science 2019

Pint of Science is a public engagement festival aiming to bring science to the public in one of the most open settings known to the UK public, the pub! A wide range of events for the ‘Our Body’ theme ran between May 20th-May 22nd, 2019 and were flooded with waves of scientific knowledge given by multiple speakers from the institute.

Hannah Baer from the Milling lab talked about her work to identify different immunopathotypes in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) on the ‘From Old to New’ evening. Working on responder vs non-responder stratification showing large interest and that the two similar diseases within IBD (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) are in fact very different! Dr Alison McColl wrapped the first evening going through the ages in the evolution of mental health and how perceptions and diagnosis have changed through the ages.

Within the ‘Understanding Arthritis’ theme, we had an evening full of 3I’s speakers! Dr Megan MacLeod dived in to what the audience thought of when they heard the phrase ‘rheumatoid arthritis’ and the importance of turning off autoreactive T cells will play a large part in RA therapy.

Dr Louise Bennett went through the body’s immune cells and their responses to current rheumatoid arthritis (RA) therapies and what needs to be done to help further the production of new therapies. Dr Bennett also brought augmented reality posters, in connection with the Glasgow School of Art and Rheumatosphere, and an ultrasound machine for the audience to get fully immersed in pathways of RA and how you can visualise tissue within the body!  This gave a perfect segway into Professor Carl Goodyear’s talk on precision medicine and how to create the right treatment for the right patient at the right time, not just a ‘one size fits all’ drug market.



‌Dr Lilach Sheiner opened our final evening, ‘Infectious Disease & Me’, with her work on Toxoplasma gondii infections, bringing people’s attention to its mention in Trainspotting, taking selfies to demonstrate infection rates and how using redox reactions means we might be able chemically stress these parasites to death! 

Pint of Science was a huge success, with many thanks to speakers from the institute for all their wonderful presentations and answered questions from the audience. If anyone from the institute is interested in being involved at Pint of Science 2020 (11th-13th May), whether helping to organize or to speak, please email George Finney for more information.

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First published: 26 June 2019