Who we are

Let us introduce ourselves! We are your iii-ecogroup members. We are all based at the Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre and are made up of PhD students, research staff and Technicians. We all share an understanding that we can do better to reduce the environmental impact we have as scientists.

  • Gavin Meehan, Research Staff, L5
  • Deborah Sym, Technician, L2
  • Jennifer Barrie, Technician, L3
  • Madeleine Cunningham, Research Staff, L3
  • Rhona McGonigal, Research Staff, L3
  • Colin Crawford, PhD student, L3
  • Joanna Clarke, Technician, L3
  • Kym Bain, PhD Student, L4
  • Andrew Boyd, Technician, L4
  • Caitlin Duncan, PhD student, L4
  • Kathryn McCall, PhD student, L4
  • Julie Martin, Lab Manager, L5
  • Lotus Westerhof, PhD student, L5
  • Danielle Smyth, Research Staff, L6
  • Helen Arthur – Chief Technician