Office Recycling Bins

Can be recycled:

  • Rinsed bottles
  • Small paper/cardboard packaging (large items can be placed in the cardboard recycling bins in front of the goods lift)
  • Cans
  • Clean plastic waste


Cannot be recycled

  • Items with food on them
  • Plastic bags
  • Blue roll/paper towels
  • Polystyrene (see below for polystyrene recycling)

Lab Recycling bins

Can be recycled:

  • Glove Boxes
  • Paper
  • Plastic/Paper Wrapping
  • Uncontaminated and clean plastics i.e. syringe barrels that have not been used
  • Rinsed and Scored Out Media Bottles (scratch or score through label with a pen).


Cannot be recycled:

  • Blue Roll
  • Tissue Paper
  • Contaminated Waste

Polystyrene (see below for polystyrene recycling)


Designated cardboard recycling spots are located in the corridor outside main labs, across from the cargo lift. Please flatten boxes to avoid creating a fire hazard.

Electrical Laboratory Equipment


If you are disposing of any equipment that is heavily contaminated - please contact Helen Arthur (

If the equipment is refrigerated a CCL (North) disposal form should be completed and a decontamination form attached to equipment prior to disposal. As a charge is made for disposal of all refrigerated items, a project code is required to cross charge this against.


Porter’s cages are always available for the disposal of small lab equipment. Either ask your floor co-ordinator or Helen Arthur to access them.

Computers and associated IT equipment

  • Computers and associated IT equipment can also be disposed via CCL (North). Again, the item needs to be logged on a disposal form.
  • Old laptops can be donated to Malaptop charity for schools in Malawi via Alex MacKay in room B5-10, SGDB or email 
  • PAT numbers of discarded electrical items should be logged on the waste equipment list attached to the porter’s cage.

Disposal of unwanted/ unused chemicals.

  • All chemicals for disposal must be itemised on a Veolia disposal form and returned to Helen Arthur (download here) [UoG 3Is  Waste Disposal Enquiry Form JULY  2018].
  • A copy of the form should then be emailed to Helen Arthur and one fixed to the box containing the waste chemicals, and taken to the outside solvent or carcinogen store as appropriate.
  • If chemicals are still in date, usable and been stored correctly, you could consider offering it to another group in 3Is.
  • Ensure your lab is signed up to ChemInventory, a chemical sharing software which allows you to see chemicals in other labs to save . Contact Anne McKenna ( for details on signing up.

Soft plastics

We have a bin for soft plastics in the L2 common room. Please clean out any soft plastics before putting them in this bin and alert us if the bin is needing emptied. 


Recycling also available for...

  • Toner cartridges – put in box in Common room. Cartridges should be left in original cardboard box.
  • Glass - Glass recycling is available outside on the car park ramp for large glass items such as safe break bottles (any solvent waste must be evaporated in a fume hood overnight and bottle washed before can be put in this bin). Pyrex items cannot be recycled.
  • Polystyrene – Polystyrene recycling is also available on the car park ramp. Iceboxes can be placed here.  


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