Eco Group

The carbon footprint of a scientist is somewhat higher than that of the average person. With our heavy use of plastics, chemicals and energy-dependent pieces of equipment, we’re among the least environmentally friendly industries in the world.

In an effort to improve our green credentials, we've formed the iii Eco-group. Our goal is to help you reduce your carbon footprint wherever possible ranging from tips in how to reduce your electricity usage to providing increased recycling facilities.

New recycling scheme!!

We have now introduced a TerraCycle stationary recycling scheme! In the corridor in Level 4 you can find a box where you can recycle all Accepted waste items. 




S-Lab award lunch 

iii eco group members receive award from LEAF


Members of the iii eco-group were presented with their prize for recieving a silver S-Lab award for level 3 of the SGDB from members of the Glasgow University Sustainability team (GUEST). Rocket books were chosen as the prize as they are reusable notepads for all those times you need to scribble something down in the lab and don't have your laptop to hand! Using an app on your phone you can scan those scribbles and upload them straigh to OneNote, OneDrive or your chosen platform. 

The iii eco-group continue to work with GUEST in collaboration with the Lab Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) Next to be audited is level 4.

Dr Gavin Meehan gives eco-awareness talk on behalf of the iii-eco group at this year's Immunobiology ECR symposium.

Our founder, Gavin gave a talk at this year's Early Career Researcher Symposium on the progress that has been made by the eco group since it's foundation in 2016. He also gave advice on how the PhD students and Post Docs in the institute can make a difference by thinking about what practices they can change to reduce their environmental impact.

 Gavin presenting at ECR away day

iii-eco group receives Silver S-Lab award!

We are pleased to announce that Level 3 of the GBRC has been awarded a silver S-Lab award for sustainable lab practices. Eco group member Jennifer Barrie took the lead and worked with Ellen Bird from Glasgow University Sustainability Team (GUEST) who audited the changes put in place by the eco group on Level 3 of the GBRC.

Although the award was for Level 3, many of the policies have been applied throughout the building and will be having a huge impact to its carbon footprint. On Level 3 alone the changes we made will have saved the Institute £5,640 and 87 tonnes of CO2. This demonstrates the changes we are implementing are making a difference to the environmental impact of our work and saving the University money!

Crisp Packet recycling

There is now a crisp packet recycling bin in the L2 common room. All brands of crisp packets can be recycled with TerraCycle. No need to wash them, just flatten (no crisp packet origami) and hand them in. Once collected they will be cleaned and used create new recycled products!

Get recycling!