Multiphoton Microscopy

Our Multiphoton Laser scanning Microscopy (MPLSM) system is optimised to study dynamic cellular responses in intact tissues. Advantages of MPLSM include low light damage, high sensitivity, reduced light scattering and absorption by tissues, which facilitate deeper imaging in tissue.

The system consists of a Zeiss LSM7 MP microscope equipped with a 20X/1.0NA water-immersion objective lens and tuneable Titanium: sapphire solid-state two-photon excitation source and optical parametric oscillator. Five detectors allow multiple parameter image acquisition (including blue, green, red and far red channels). A motorised stage allows z-stack acquisition and tile scanning.

Equipment is available to facilitate intravital imaging including anaesthesia, core body temperature monitoring/control and apparatus to stabilise/allow access to tissues of interest (including skin, lung, brain and lymphoid organs). Where ex vivo imaging of tissue is preferred, a heated perfusion chamber is also available. MPLSM is equally applicable to the imaging of fixed tissues where sample thickness prohibits use of single-photon systems.

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