Two facilities offer Histology services for the Institute. Professor Allan Mowat is the academic lead for these facilities (Email: Allan.Mowat@glasgow.ac.uk; Telephone 0141 330 8414).

A small in-house facility run by Shauna Kerr on the 4th floor of the Sir Graeme Davies Building carries out histology and immunohistochemistry analysis for specific research needs. This includes processing, sectioning and staining of frozen and paraffin embedded tissues, as well as training of individual researchers to handle their own samples. Most routine techniques are available and the group is particularly happy to work together with researchers to plan projects and develop new techniques. Much previous work has focussed on joint and connective disease in man and mice, but there is also expertise with other tissues such as the lung, intestine and CNS. There is also limited access to an in-house human tissue bank, mostly of joint-related material.

This facility currently does not operate a formal charging system to members of the Institute, although costs for consumables are covered by researchers.

For further information and/or to discuss potential requests for tissue processing, please contact Shauna Kerr (Email: shauna.kerr@glasgow.ac.uk; Telephone: 0141 330 8420)

The other source for histology research services are based at Garscube. The laboratory provides a range of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and histology services, which can be tailored to suit your specific research needs. They offer processing to paraffin blocks for all fixed tissue across a wide range of species including cell lines cultured onto rafts. High quality sections are produced for H&E, specialised stains and IHC. Their automated platforms provide consistent IHC staining for both large and small-scale research projects. Tissue scrolls for PCR can also be provided.  

To discuss your specific research needs and pricing please contact the lab.

E-mail:       vet-histology@glasgow.ac.uk 
Phone:       +44 (0)141 330 6933
Fax:           +44 (0)141 330 5748


Histology Research Service
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