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Principal Investigators and Research Fellows

Professor David Bhella

Programme Leader (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My group apply the techniques of electron-cryomicroscopy and image analysis to the study of viruses, providing an exciting opportunity to visualise the process of virus infection at cellular scale and at macromolecular resolution. I am also the CVR's public engagement champion.


Dr Chris Boutell

Programme Leader (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Many human viruses utilise or suppress ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like pathways during infection, enhancing their replication. I'm interested in how viruses engage with these pathways with respect to cellular antiviral immunity, to develop novel avenues for therapeutic intervention.


Dr Ben Brennan head and shoulders shot‌‌Dr Benjamin Brennan

Research Fellow (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Phleboviruses, Reverse Genetics, molecular determinants of host tropism, in vivo arthropod work, ticks, tick-borne disease.



‌Professor Andrew Davison

Professor of Viral Genomics (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: I am interested in the content, function and evolution of herpesvirus genomes. My current work is on human cytomegalovirus, the leading infectious cause of abnormalities in newborn babies and a serious risk to people with weakened immune systems, such as transplant recipients.


‌Professor Sheila Graham

Professor of Molecular Virology (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My group investigates the links between human papillomavirus (HPV) infectious lifecyle & epithelial differentiation and how HPV-associated tumour progression is achieved. Our studies range from basic molecular & cellular virology to clinical studies in HPV testing & therapeutics.


Headshot of Antonio Ho‌Dr Antonia Ho

Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant in Infectious Diseases (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: As an Honorary Consultant in Infectious Diseases, my research focuses on the epidemiology of influenza and other respiratory viruses in the UK and sub-Saharan Africa.


Professor Margaret Hosie

Professor of Comparative Virology (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My research focuses on companion animal virology and immunology with a view to understanding disease pathogenesis, correlates of immunity to infection and the development of novel approaches to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of viral diseases.


Dr Edward Hutchinson

Research Fellow (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: influenza virus; proteomics; mass spectrometry; phosphorylation; virion composition.



Professor Ruth Jarrett

Professor of Molecular Pathology (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Our group investigates the role of viruses in human leukaemia and lymphoma. Much of this work focuses on Hodgkin lymphoma and the causal links with Epstein-Barr virus. We also investigate canine lymphoma; human herpesvirus-6; and non-viral aspects of Hodgkin lymphoma pathogenesis.


Professor Alain Kohl

Professor (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Our group works on RNA interference, immune signalling pathways and virus/host interactions in arthropod vectors by using arboviruses or virus-derived replicons from all major families. We also work on Wolbachia-mediated inhibition of RNA virus replication in insect cells.


Professor John McLauchlan

Professor of Viral Hepatitis (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: We examine the evolution of HCV during chronic infection and the nature of the host response. In particular, we focus on both the viral and host determinants that affect response to therapy and viral pathogenesis.


Dr Pablo Murcia

Senior Lecturer (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Our work investigates the molecular and evolutionary mechanisms that underpin host switching and viral emergence through two lines of investigation, influenza emergence & the virome of disease, by integrating multiple disciplines, from classical virology to mathematical modelling.


‌Professor Massimo Palmarini

Director of Centre for Virus Research (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Our laboratory studies the biology and pathogenesis of livestock diseases induced by emerging arboviruses such as bluetongue virus (BTV) and Schmallenberg virus (SBV).


Professor Arvind Patel

Professor of Viral Vaccinology (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Our group study molecular aspects of hepatitis C virus infection and replication, specifically mechanisms of virus entry; neutralizing antibodies & vaccine development; virus-host interactions and identifying factors contributing to virus-associated progression of liver disease.


‌Dr Emilie Pondeville

Molecular Entomologist (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Mosquitoes are vectors of arboviruses such as dengue and chikungunya. Our group is deciphering arbovirus-mosquito in vivo interactions. with this aim, we also develop genetic tools including the Gal4/UAS system, to characterize host gene function at the tissue-level.


Dr Suzannah Rihn

Research Fellow (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My research focuses on HIV-1 with the aim to identify the immune challenges that HIV-1 may face. We examine the ways the virus conserves fitness and function to overcome immune and environmental pressures.


Headshot of Prof David RobertsonProfessor David Robertson

Head of Viral Genomics and Bioinformatics (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My research focuses on the computational study of virus evolution and infection within and between individuals, populations or different host species.


Headshot of Janet Scott‌Dr Janet Scott

Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My research investigates the relationship between the pharmacokinetics of anti-viral drugs and effective treatment outcomes with a focus on Lassa and Ebola virus.


‌Professor Steven Sinkins

Professor in Microbiology and Tropical Medicine (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Wolbachia; Mosquito-borne viruses; Dengue; Zika; Arthropod-borne infections.



Dr Daniel Streicker

Senior Research Fellow (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine)

Research interests: My work explores the ecology and evolution of emerging infectious diseases. Using rabies virus in bats, my group explores questions about when, where and how viruses jump between host species, with the aim to inform control efforts that limit zoonotic cross-species transmission.


Dr Emma Thomson

Clinical Senior Lecturer (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My laboratory is focused on the study of emerging viral infections with 2 main themes - acute hepatitis C infection and new and emerging infections in sub-Saharan Africa.


Professor Brian Willett

Professor of Viral Immunology (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: Animal morbilliviruses: emerging viral pathogens in a measles-free world.


Dr Sam Wilson

Senior Research Fellow (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My group focuses on identifying and characterising novel interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs) involved in intrinsic immunity. Using ISG-expression libraries we study a diverse range of retroviruses where multiple ISGs have redefined our understanding of species-species restriction.


Dr Ana da Silva Filipe

NGS Facility Manager (Research Fellow) (Centre for Virus Research)

Research interests: My current research focuses on viral hepatitis and respiratory viruses; I am also driving the development of sequencing solutions for viral emergence and discovery.

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