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Saturday 11th February 2017

Sir Charles Wilson Building

University of Glasgow


Eric Hunter, Emory University (USA)

“The impact of the transmitted-founder virus genotype and phenotype on the trajectory of HIV disease” 

Erica Ollmann Saphire, TheScripps Research Institute (USA)

Richard M Elliott memorial lecture

“The Molecular Tool-kit of Hemorrhagic Fever Virus”

Philippe Lemey, Rega Institute (Belgium)

“Getting to the root of epidemic spread: from historical inference to real-time phylodynamics” 

Maria Zambon, Public Health England (UK)

Emerging Viral Infections: how do we respond


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Image 1 Sir Charles Wilson building

Image 1

Group of people

Group of people

Massimo Palmarini drinks from quaiche

Group of people

Angela Elliott and guest speaker

Chris Boutell and guest

Group of people

Angela Elliott and Ben Brennan