The Kohl Group


Current research

Arbovirus-vector interactions 

Much of our research focuses on the interactions of model arboviruses with arthropod vectors, specifically mosquitoes (ticks and midges are also of interest). We investigate the antiviral role of host small RNA interference pathways in controlling arbovirus replication and spread by using high-throughput sequencing as well as cell biological and virological methods (including use of reverse genetics to modify viruses). We also keen to develop work on other antiviral responses or factors in vectors. Our current studies in mosquitoes combine in vitro and in vivo to understand the mode of action of antiviral RNAi pathways using mostly Aedes aegypti, the vector of several human-infecting arboviruses. This includes genetic modification strategies as well as identification of regulatory networks through protein interaction studies, properties of small RNAs etc.

Arbovirus-vertebrate cell interactions and vaccine development

In addition to arbovirus interactions with vectors, we study interactions of arboviruses with vertebrate cells. These studies focus on antiviral host responses and virus interference with these. This line of research also uses reverse genetics systems and replicons developed for arboviruses. Moreover, we are engaged in vaccine development against flaviviruses (including Zika and yellow fever viruses) and bunyaviruses (orthobunyaviruses as well as severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome phlebovirus).

Interested in joining the laboratory for projects, PhD studies etc? Email Prof. Kohl directly.

Key collaborators

Prof. A. Merits (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Dr. A.-B. Failloux (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)

Dr. L. Lambrechts (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)

Dr. F. Arnaud and Dr. M. Ratinier (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1/INRA/EPHE, France)

Professor S. Higgs (Kansas State University, Biosecurity Research Institute, USA)

Dr. R. Biek (University of Glasgow, UK) and Dr C. McInnes (Moredun Research Institute, UK)

Professors G. Gao and Y. Wu (Beijing Institutes of Life Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, People’s Republic of China)

Professor H. Willison, Professor Sue Barnett and Dr. J. Edgar (University of Glasgow, UK).

Drs. R. F. O. Freitas and L. J. Pena (Fiocruz Recife, Brazil)

Dr. K. Maringer (University of Surrey, UK)

Prof. E. Schnettler (BNITM, Germany)

Prof. A. Patel (CVR, UK)

Prof. H. Ferguson (University of Glasgow, UK)

Dr. M. Dreux (ENS, Lyon, France)

Dr. C. McKimmie (University of Leeds, UK)

Prof. D. Evans (University of St. Andrews, UK)

Research group members

Akira Alexander

Akira Alexander
Research Assistant

Floriane Almire
PhD Student 

Steven Bryden
Research Assistant





James Dunlop
Research Associate

Rommel Gestaveo

Rommel Gestuveo
PhD Student 

Alma McDonald
Research Support

Martin Mayanja

Martin Mayanja
PhD Student 

Melanie McDonald
Research Associate


Emilie Pondeville
Research Fellow
(Molecular Entomologist)

Jamie Royle
PhD Student 

Ricardo Sanchez Velazquez
PhD Student 


Rapeepat Tandavanitj
PhD Student 

Sandra Terry

Sandra Terry
Research Technician