Trial Summary

SUBCUT-HF IAn open label, single dose study to assess safety and efficacy of a novel patch infusor device and novel SUBCUTaneous furosemide formulation combination in patients with Heart Failure: a phase I clinical trial.

Many heart failure (HF) patients require frequent and often lengthy hospitalisation for treatment with intravenous (IV) diuretics, such as furosemide. In an attempt to address the need for hospital admission for administration of treatment, SQ Innovations has developed a new formulation of furosemide (SQIN-Furosemide) and a novel subcutaneous patch infusor drug delivery system (SQIN-Infusor).  

This prospective, open-label, single dose study will test the on-body performance of the new subcutaneous pump device and the clinical efficacy of SQIN-Furosemide in patients previously diagnosed with HF and being treated with IV furosemide therapy as inpatients. 


Chief Investigator     

Dep Chief Investigator  

  • Ross Campbell


Trial Co-Ordinator