Trial Summary

OPERAOptimising a digital diagnostic Pathway for hEaRt fAilure in the community (OPERA).

Access to echocardiography is a major rate-limiting step in the heart failure (HF) diagnostic pathway. However, recent artificial intelligence (AI) advances in the echocardiography field could potentially allow healthcare staff to undertake echocardiograms in the community, enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment of HF.   

This prospective, observational study will assess the diagnostic accuracy of new AI software (US2.ai) analysis of point of care handheld echocardiogram images as compared to the current gold-standard of transthoracic echocardiogram images acquired and analysed by a British Society of Echocardiography accredited operator, using a standard echocardiogram machine. Echocardiogram images will be obtained from a cohort of individuals referred from the community who are awaiting ‘usual care’ diagnostic tests for investigation of suspected new HF.



Chief Investigator        

  • Clare Murphy ()

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Trial Co-Ordinator