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CONGEST-HF: Correlation of the non-invasive Cardiopulmonary Management (CPM) system with measures of CONGESTion in Heart Failure (CONGEST-HF).

Congestion is a major feature of heart failure (HF) and is associated with frequent and lengthy hospitalisations for decongestion via intravenous (IV) diuretics.  Signs of congestion which can be recognised by physicians or health care professionals are often seen at a late stage before intervention to prevent overt decompensation and admission to hospital can occur. Recognising changes in excess fluid status either before a patient becomes unwell or during decongestion treatment is highly desirable so that treatment can be started in a timely manner or ongoing treatment can be adjusted based on an individual's response to therapy. The ability to assess a patient’s congestion levels by applying a single, non-invasive device could potentially prove extremely useful in HF treatment. 

Analog Devices has developed a wearable patch-like device called the Cardiopulmonary Management (CPM) device to assess congestion levels in HF patients. This observational study will determine if the CPM device can accurately detect the presence of congestion by correlating its findings with the findings of standard invasive, non-invasive and biochemical measures of congestion in three patient cohorts: patients undergoing right heart catheterisation; patients receiving haemodialysis; and patients receiving inpatient IV diuretic treatment for HF. 



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