Core Facilities

New resources for ICAMS researchers - Core facilities

The award provides opportunities for the creation of 3 Core facilities in ICAMS by supporting highly skilled personnel to run these facilities. The Research Core Facilities make available services of excellence to all our researchers in ICAMS. Shared interdisciplinary Core facilities provide cutting-edge technology, protocols and expertise, crucial to the promotion of science. In addition, these Cores constitute a major training resource and also provide opportunities for new research. Infrastructure at ICAMS are arranged into 3 discrete facilities:

  • Clinical Trials Core
  • Vascular Core of Myography and Imaging
  • Clinical Vascular Phenotyping Core


Clinical Trials Core

The BHF Centre of Research Excellence Clinical trials core facility is led by Dr Katriona Brooksbank who works closely with NHS R&D and CRF to provide excellent support to research.  The facility is available to all ICAMS staff involved in clinical research and can provide input to:

  • grant application and clinical trial design
  • costing for trials
  • post-award planning

Once funding is secure Katriona can assist with IRAS applications for REC and R&D approvals,  and site set ups. The clinical trial core facility is available to share information from previous trials and the regulatory bodies involved in clinical research.

Advice can be sought for problem-solving during a trial and looking to extend or obtain follow-on funding.

To discuss any aspect of your clinical research further please email:

Telephone: 0141 330 2627

Room 313, Level 3, BHF GCRC 


Vascular Core of Myography and Imaging

The Vascular Core of the Centre of Research Excellence is comprised of myography and imaging facilities.  We have multiple wire and pressure myograph systems, allowing us to investigate both vascular reactivity and structure.  The Core also has several microscopes, including live cell and laser capture microdissection microscopes.  Using these imaging techniques, we can investigate multiple aspects of the vasculature such as cell morphology, co-localisation, RNA analysis and much more.

Here at the Core Vascular facility we will work with you to design a protocol that meets your requirements, and provide expert technical support throughout your study.  We can also provide technical and data analysis training as required.

Contact us today or come along and have a look at our facilities to discuss how we can incorporate these techniques, and help add invaluable data to your study.

Mrs Wendy Beattie

Tel: 0141 330 2512

Email: Level C3

Institute of C&MS
Glasgow G12 8TA
G12 8TA


Clinical Vascular Phenotyping Core

This facility is based as the Clinical Research Facility at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) in Glasgow. The facilities include the use of specialist equipment such as EndoPat and FMD (Flow-mediated dilation) which are used to measure vascular endothelial function in arteries.

Our Trainees have full access to and undergo specific training in these techniques, enabling them to incorporate them into to their own PhD projects. 

For more information please contact Mrs Karen Trofimova