BHF Supporters Day

Issued: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 10:12:00 GMT

On 14th September 2018, we welcomed 34 BHF supporters and fundraisers to BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre for the BHF Glasgow Supporters Day. We were delighted to show our special visitors the facilities here at ICAMS and they were given a fantastic insight from staff and students who spoke about the innovative and world changing research that takes place here in ICAMS thanks to the BHF and those who fundraise for the charity.





As we showed them around the labs, it was clear from their fascinated expressions and the variety of questions they found the experience incredibly interesting and they enjoyed sharing their own personal stories.

The feedback from the guests was very personal and overall very positive. They felt comfortable enough to share their own personal stories and listened intently to the students and staff in ICAMS who spoke about their research. Our guests mentioned the outstanding quality of work carried out here in the Institute and through deepening our engagement with this audience, we have inspired them to continue funding and supporting the BHF.

Afterwards we received a tweet from one of our guests who expressed his gratitude: 

Thank you to everyone involved from academics, students, BHF supporters and the BHF team for making the day so special. We look forward to the next supporter's day