We Welcome a new Visiting Professor to ICAMS

Issued: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 10:55:00 BST

profile Professor Morris Brown, FMedSci, grew up in Edinburgh, but moved to Cambridge where he could take degrees in Classics and Medicine. He returned to Cambridge in 1985 as Foundation Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, and is now Professor of Endocrine Hypertension at Barts and the London School of Medicine. He was President of the British Hypertension Society 2005-2007 and led the British Heart Foundation-funded PATHWAY programme of trials in hypertension, jointly with investigators in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. The results, published in a series of papers in Lancet and Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology are changing guidelines for Hypertension, in USA and Europe.

His current research concerns the pathogenesis and management of primary aldosteronism. Recent findings include the introduction of a non-invasive PET-CT scan, and the discovery of mutations causing a commonly missed subtype of small adrenal adenomas.The University's Robertson Centre has been the Clinical Trials Unit for all of Prof Brown's recent and current trials.

He was awarded the Lilly Gold Medal of the British Pharmacological Society (2002), the Walter Somerville Medal of the British Cardiac Society (2006), and Royal College of Physicians/Lancet award (2016) for outstanding research contributing to excellent patient care.

He is delighted by his appointment to a Visiting Professorship. His laboratory research group in Cambridge and London has centred on PhD students, and during several visits to the British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Centre, his greatest enjoyment has been meeting with our graduate students. He looks forward now to frequent opportunities for interaction.