Diversifying Leadership Course

Issued: Mon, 03 Sep 2018 11:38:00 BST


Leadership 2
Dr Afshan Dean was the first staff member from the University of Glasgow (and the only attendee from Scotland!)  to ever attend and complete the Diversifying leadership course held in London over a period of 4 days earlier this year. This course is designed to understand why ethnic minorities, Blacks and Asians are under-represented in the senior positions in higher education and moving forward, how we might work in addressing this and ensuring fair representation in our institutes. 


The course considers what it takes for high potential ethnic minority academic and professional services staff to become successful leaders.  It draws upon different leadership theories to tap into their different strengths thus allowing participants to identify their authentic leadership style.

The course worked to identify an individual’s ability to generate and make use of surrounding social, political and cultural capital. Furthermore, each attendee had a delegated sponsor (Stuart Nicklin in this instance) from their own institute and with whom each delegate would work for their career advancement and to work on a strategy for the institution.


The diversifying leadership course aimed to increase the attendees’ visibility as leaders by -

-Sharing their reflections on the programme and its impact to date

-completing their individual action plans

-Identifying and prioritise their leadership pursuits post-programme.

It was interesting that many attendees believed their institutes had held them back and in different forms; hindered their progress in their academic careers. Personally, I feel the University of Glasgow has always supported my growth and would do so regardless of skin colour. However, a discrepancy does exist which will be required to be addressed over time.

Upon return from maternity leave, I am keen to meet with ICAMS senior staff, impart, and implement key points arisen from the course. I thank ICAMS for providing the funding and encouragement to attend this excellent course.