Staff Survey 2018 – Take part before it’s too late!

Issued: Fri, 21 Sep 2018 19:06:00 BST

The 2018 University Staff Survey will run from Monday 17th September until Friday 5th October

The survey is an excellent opportunity to make your views known across a wide range of themes relating to working life at the University. The results are used to inform action planning activity both at University and local levels and based on feedback from earlier years, this year’s survey is significantly shorter and much more focussed. As a result it will take less time to complete and will also produce much more concentrated and actionable data.

Those in scope will receive a direct email from ORC International with an invitation to complete the survey. Arrangements are in place to provide paper copies to those identified as not having regular access to IT facilities.
We had a good return rate of 69% last year with an overall 63% return rate for MVLS, let’s see if we can improve on this and embrace this opportunity!

The University results will be communicated via the normal channels, whilst more localised results will be cascaded appropriately to the relevant units. The results will be used to inform action planning activity both at University and local levels and progress around this will be shared on an ongoing basis beyond the staff survey.

The University’s Engagement Lead network will also remain close to this activity and work is ongoing to continue to build this network and to consider the best use of available (or new) communications channels for these purposes. In the meantime if you have an enquiry or an idea you would like to communicate you can cantact the ICAMS Engagement leads Dr Lorraine Work, Ms Tracy Mcarthur.

Also any thoughts or ideas are always welcome via


Thank you all for your participation